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"Foot's Resolution." 1829. [from Old Catalog] "Fram" Expedition (Cream) (Evening And) Continuation Schools. [from Old Catalog] (Fishery Law And Legislation (Forests And) Forestry *Baltzer, Adolf, 1817-1880. [from Old Catalog] *Bismarck, Otto, Fürst Von, 1815-1898. [from Old Catalog] *Comte, Auguste, 1798-1857. [from Old Catalog] , World War, 1914-1918 4-H Clubs A., D.V A. J. Fuller (Ship) A.W. Elson & Co A1 (Bark) Aaron (Slave) Abandoned Coal Mines Abandoned Mined Lands Reclamation Abbey, Thomas, 1731-1811 Abbey, Thomas, 1731-1811. [from Old Catalog] Abbey Family (John Abbey, Ca. 1613-ca.1689) Abbey Family (John Abbey, Ca. 1613-ca. 1689) [from Old Catalog] Abbeys Abbotsford (Scotland) Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1805-1877 Abbott, Joseph Carter, 1825-1882. [from Old Catalog] Abbott, Josiah G Abbott, Lyman, 1835-1922 Abbott, Thomas Rankin, 1898?-1923. [from Old Catalog] Abbreviations, English Abbreviations. [from Old Catalog] Abdomen Abdool Messeeh Abduction Abeel, David, 1804-1846 Abelard, Peter, 1079-1142 Abell, George Washington, 1818-1874 Abenaki Indians Abenaki Language Aberdeen, George Hamilton Gordon, Earl Of, 1784-1860 Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Ability Abington (Mass.) -- History Abington (Mass. : Town) -- Centennial Celebrations Abnormalities, Human Abolitionists Abolitionists -- Maryland Sermons Abolitionists -- United States Abolitionists -- Washington (D.C.) Abolitionists. [from Old Catalog] Abortion. [from Old Catalog] Abortion In Animals Abortion In Animals. [from Old Catalog] Abraham (Biblical Patriarch) Absalom, Son Of David Abscission (Botany) [from Old Catalog] Absence And Presumption Of Death Absenteeism (Labor) Absentee Landlordism Absentee Voting Absolution Abstraction Abstraction. [from Old Catalog] Acacia. [from Old Catalog] Acacia Fraternity Academic Achievement Academy Of Natural Sciences Of Philadelphia Acadia Acadia. [from Old Catalog] Acadia National Park (Me.) Acadia National Park. [from Old Catalog] Acadians Acadians. [from Old Catalog] Acadians In Literature Accademia Della Crusca Acceptances Acceptances. [from Old Catalog] Accidents Accidents, Occupational Accidents -- Prevention Accidents -- Prevention -- Juvenile Literature Accident Victims Acclimatization. [from Old Catalog] Accordion Music, Arranged Accounting Accursio Das Neves, José, 1766-1834 Acetone Acetylene Generators -- Catalogs Achaemenian Inscriptions Achievement Tests Achilles (Greek Mythology) Achilles (Mythological Character) -- Juvenile Literature Achmet, Hammet, D. 1842 Acid Mine Drainage Acker, William Henry, 1833-1862. [from Old Catalog] Ackerly Family Acolytes Acoustic Emission Acquackanonck, N.J. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Acrobatics Acrostics Acrostics. [from Old Catalog] Acting Actions At Law Acton (Me.) -- History Acton (Me. : Town) Acton, John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, Baron, 1834-1902 Actors Actors, American Actors, French. [from Old Catalog] Actors -- Correspondence Actors -- United States Biography Actors. [from Old Catalog] Actresses Actresses, American Actresses, French. [from Old Catalog] Actresses. [from Old Catalog] Actuarial Science Acworth (N.H.) -- Centennial Celebrations, Etc Acworth, N.H. -- Genealogy. [from Old Catalog] Acworth, N.H. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Adalbert I, Archbishop Of Mainz, D. 1137 Adam (Biblical Figure) Adams, Abigail, 1744-1818 Adams, Charles Francis, 1807-1886 Adams, Charles Francis, 1835-1915 Adams, Co., Ill Adams, Edward Amos, 1839-1864 Adams, Elizabeth Pratt, Mrs, 1830-1866. [from Old Catalog] Adams, Hannah, 1755-1831 Adams, Henry, 1838- Adams, Henry Brooks. [from Old Catalog] Adams, Henry Cullen, 1850-1906. [from Old Catalog] Adams, Herbert Baxter, 1850-1901. [from Old Catalog] Adams, John, 1735-1826 Adams, John, 1760?-1829 Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848 Adams, Nehemiah, 1806-1878 Adams, Robert Newton, 1835-1914. [from Old Catalog] Adams, Samuel, 1722-1803 Adams, Samuel, 1722-1808 Adams, Sarah Fuller (Flower), Mrs., 1805-1848 Adams, Zabdiel, 1739-1801. [from Old Catalog] Adams Family Adams Family (John Adams, 1685-1754) [from Old Catalog] Adams Family (Robert Adams, 1601-1682) [from Old Catalog] Addison, Joseph, 1672-1719 Addison, Walter Dulany, 1769-1848 Adirondack Forest Preserve (N.Y.) Adirondack Mountains (N.Y.) Adirondack Mountains (N.Y.) -- Description And Travel Adirondack Mountains (N.Y.) -- Guidebooks Adirondack Mountains (N.Y.) -- History Adirondack Mountains (N.Y.) -- Pictorial Works Adirondack Mountains -- Pictorial Works Adjer, John B Adlum Family Administration Of Estates Administrative Law Administrative Responsibility. [from Old Catalog] Admirals Admirals -- Great Britain -- Biography Admirals -- Great Britain -- Biography -- Juvenile Literature Admirals -- United States Biography Adolescence Adopted Children Adoption Adrian IV, Pope, D. 1159 Adult Education Adultery Adventure. [from Old Catalog] Adventure And Adventurers Adventure And Adventurers -- Fiction Adventure Stories Adventure Stories, American Advertising Advertising -- Banks And Banking Advertising -- Massachusetts -- Boston -- History -- 19th Century -- Sources Advertising Cards Advertising Cards. [from Old Catalog] Advertising Layout And Typography Aegeria Exitiosa. [from Old Catalog] Aelfric, Abbot Of Eynsham Aelian, 3rd Cent Aeneas (Legendary Character) Aeneas (Legendary Character) In Literature Aenesidemus, Of Cnossus Aeneus (Legendary Character) Aerial Gunnery Aerial Observation (Military Science) Aerial Photography Aerial Reconnaissance Aerodynamics Aeronautical Instruments Aeronautics Aeronautics, Commercial -- United States Aeronautics, Military Aeronautics -- Flights Aeronautics -- History Aeronautics -- Juvenile Literature Aeronautics -- Law And Legislation -- United States Aerosols Aeschylus Aesop Aesop's Fables Aesthetics Affirmations Afforestation Afghan Wars Afonso VI, King Of Portugal, 1643-1683 Africa, Central -- Description And Travel Africa, West -- Description And Travel Africa -- Bibliography -- Catalogs Africa -- Colonization Africa -- Description And Travel Africa -- Fiction Africa -- History Africa -- Social Conditions African American Artists African American Arts African American Baptists African American Businesspeople African American Evangelists African American Freemasons African American Methodists African American Physicians African American Pioneers African American Poets -- Biography African American Presbyterians African American Prisoners African Americans African Americans -- Alabama African Americans -- Bibliography African Americans -- Bibliography -- Catalogs African Americans -- Biography African Americans -- California African Americans -- Civil Rights African Americans -- Civil Rights Illinois African Americans -- Colonization African Americans -- Colonization Africa African Americans -- Colonization Liberia African Americans -- Colonization Texas African Americans -- Connecticut African Americans -- Crimes Against African Americans -- Drama African Americans -- Education African Americans -- Education Georgia African Americans -- Employment African Americans -- Fiction African Americans -- Georgia African Americans -- Georgia Clarke County African Americans -- History African Americans -- History To 1863 African Americans -- Illinois Social Conditions African Americans -- Indiana Indianapolis African Americans -- Intellectual Life African Americans -- Legal Status, Laws, Etc African Americans -- Maryland African Americans -- Massachusetts African Americans -- Massachusetts Boston African Americans -- Massachusetts Charlestown African Americans -- Migrations History African Americans -- Mississippi African Americans -- Moral And Social Conditions African Americans -- New Jersey African Americans -- New Jersey Lawnside History African Americans -- New Jersey Politics And Government African Americans -- New York (State) African Americans -- New York (State) New York African Americans -- New York (State) New York Churches African Americans -- New York (State) Nyack African Americans -- Northeastern States African Americans -- Ohio African Americans -- Oklahoma African Americans -- Ontario African Americans -- Pennsylvania African Americans -- Pennsylvania Philadelphia African Americans -- Pennsylvania Philadelphia Churches African Americans -- Pennsylvania Politics And Government African Americans -- Poetry African Americans -- Politics And Government African Americans -- Religion African Americans -- Segregation African Americans -- Social Conditions To 1964 African Americans -- Social Life And Customs African Americans -- South Carolina African Americans -- South Carolina -- Social Life And Customs African Americans -- South Carolina Port Royal African Americans -- Southern States African Americans -- Southern States Social Life And Customs African Americans -- Suffrage African Americans -- Tennessee African Americans -- Texas African Americans -- Virginia African Americans -- Virginia Lynchburg African Americans -- Washington (D.C.) African Americans -- Wisconsin African Americans. -- Colonization Africa African American Schools African Americans In Literature African American Soldiers African American Wit And Humor African American Women African American Women In Literature African Methodist Episcopal Church Afrikaners After-dinner Speeches After-dinner Speeches. [from Old Catalog] Afternoon Teas Agamemnon (Greek Mythology) Age Distribution (Demography) Agglomeration Aging Aging Parents Agnosticism Agnosticism. [from Old Catalog] Agricola, Gnaeus Julius, 40-93 Agricultural Assistance Agricultural Assistance, American Agricultural Chemistry Agricultural Chemistry Technique. [from Old Catalog] Agricultural Colleges Agricultural Colleges. [from Old Catalog] Agricultural Colonies Agricultural Credit Agricultural Education Agricultural Education. [from Old Catalog] Agricultural Engineering Agricultural Exhibitions Agricultural Exhibitions. [from Old Catalog] Agricultural Experiment Stations Agricultural Experiment Stations. [from Old Catalog] Agricultural Extension Work Agricultural Implements Agricultural Laborers Agricultural Laws And Legislation Agricultural Machinery Agricultural Machinery Industry Agricultural Pests Agricultural Physics Agricultural Physics. [from Old Catalog] Agricultural Productivity Agricultural Products Agricultural Resources Agriculture Agriculture, Cooperative Agriculture -- Connecticut Litchfield County Agriculture -- Dictionaries Agriculture -- Economic Aspects -- Bibliography Agriculture -- Economic Aspects -- United States Agriculture -- Indonesia Agriculture -- Juvenile Literature Agriculture -- Study And Teaching Agriculture -- United States -- Bibliography Agriculture And State Agriculture In Literature Aguinaldo, Emilio, 1869-1964 Aguinaldo Y Famy, Emilio, 1869- Ahab, Captain (Fictitious Character) Ahn, Franz I.e. Johann Franz, 1796-1865. [from Old Catalog] Aids To Air Navigation Aids To Navigation Aiken, Charles Augustus, 1827-1892 Aiken, Eliza N. (Atherton), Mrs., 1817-1906. [from Old Catalog] Aiken, William, 1806-1887 Aikin, John, 1747-1822 Aikin, Lucy, 1781-1864 Ainslie, Peter, 1867-1934 Ainsworth, William Harrison, 1805-1882 Ainu Ainu Language Air Air-brakes Air-brakes -- Examinations, Questions, Etc Air-brakes. [from Old Catalog] Air Brakes. [from Old Catalog] Aircraft Industry Aircraft Industry -- Germany Airedale Terrier Air Flow Airlines -- United States Air Pilots Airplanes Airplanes, Military Airplanes -- Models Air Pollutants Air Pollution Air Quality Air Quality Management Airships Air Warfare Aisne, Battle Of The, France, 1918 Ajax (Greek Mythology) Akarman, Elizabeth M., 1820-1836. [from Old Catalog] Akbar, Emperor Of Hindustan, 1542-1605 Akin, Albert John, 1803-1903. [from Old Catalog] Akin, James Akkadian Language Akron, O. Municipal University. [from Old Catalog] Aksakov Family Al (Bark) [from Old Catalog] Alabama Alabama (Cruiser) Alabama (Privateer) [from Old Catalog] Alabama (Screw Sloop) Alabama -- Biography Alabama -- Economic Conditions Alabama -- History Alabama -- Politics And Government Alabama -- Politics And Government. [from Old Catalog] Alabama. Dept. Of Archives And History Alabama. Supreme Court Alabama. University. [from Old Catalog] Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station Alabama Centennial Celebration Alabama Claims Alabama Indians Alabama Infantry, 1st Reg. (1898) Alabama Infantry, 2d Regt. (1898) Alabama Infantry. 1st Regiment, 1862-1865. Company K Alabama Infantry. 15th Regiment, 1861-1865 Alabama River (Ala.) Alacoque, Marguerite Marie, Saint, 1647-1690 Alagón, Francisco Ramón De Espes Fernández De Córdoba Y Alagón, Duque De. [from Old Catalog] Alamance Creek, Battle Of, N.C., 1771 Alamán, Lucas, 1792-1853. [from Old Catalog] Alamo (San Antonio, Tex.) Alan Wood Iron And Steel Company Alaska Alaska -- Description And Travel Alaska -- Description And Travel. [from Old Catalog] Alaska -- Economic Conditions -- Exhibitions Alaska -- Exhibitions Alaska -- History Alaska -- Politics And Government -- 1867-1959 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (1909 : Seattle, Wash.) Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (1909 : Seattle, Wash.) -- Guidebooks Alaska Commercial Company Alaska Commercial Company. [from Old Catalog] Alaska Gold Mining Company Albanian Language Albany (Me.) Albany (N.Y.) Albany (N.Y.) -- Biography Albany (N.Y.) -- History 17th Century Sources Albany (N.Y.) -- History 18th Century Sources Albany (N.Y.) -- History Colonial Period, Ca. 1600-1775 Sources Albany, Louise Maximiliane Caroline Emanuele, Princess Of Stolberg, Calling Herself Countess Of, 1752-1824 Albany, Louise Maximiliane Caroline Emanuele, Princess Of Stolberg-Gedern, Calling Herself Countess Of, 1752-1824 Albany, N.Y. -- Biography. [from Old Catalog] Albany, N.Y. St. Agnes' Cemetery. [from Old Catalog] Albany, N.Y. University. [from Old Catalog] Albany. King Memorial. [from Old Catalog] Albany. Reformed Protestant Dutch Church Albany. Sheridan Statue Albany. Vocational School. [from Old Catalog] Albany And Susquehanna Railroad Company Albany Co., N.Y. -- Genealogy. [from Old Catalog] Albany County (N.Y.) -- Biography Albany County (N.Y.) -- Genealogy Albany County (N.Y.) -- History Albany County (N.Y.) -- History 17th Century Sources Albany County (N.Y.) -- History 18th Century Sources Albany County (N.Y.) -- History Civil War, 1861-1865 Albany Law School Albany Rural Cemetery (Menands, N.Y.) Albatross (Steamer) Albatross (Steamer) [from Old Catalog] Albemarle, George Monck, Duke Of, 1608-1670 Albemarle County (Va.) -- Politics And Government Albert, Of Brandenburg, Archbishop And Elector Of Mainz, Cardinal, 1490-1545 Albert, Prince Consort, Consort Of Victoria, Queen Of Great Britain, 1819-1861 Albert I, King Of The Belgians, 1875-1934 Albigenses Albigenses. [from Old Catalog] Albrecht II, Duke Of Mecklenburg, 1317-1379. [from Old Catalog] Albright Family Albums Albums -- Russia -- Leningradskaiı̐aı̐Ł Oblast£ -- Pavlovsk Alceste (Ship) Alceste (Ship) [from Old Catalog] Alcester (England) Alcestis (Greek Mythology) Alchemy Alcoforado, Mariana, 1640-1723 Alcohol Alcohol -- Physiological Effect Alcoholic Beverage Industry Alcoholic Beverages Alcoholics Alcoholism Alcoholism -- Congresses Alcoholism -- Maine Portland Alcoholism -- Massachusetts Alcoholism And Crime Alcoholism In Literature Alcott, Amos Bronson, 1799-1888 Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888 Alcott Family Alcuin, 735-804 Aldao, José Félix, 1785-1845 Alden Family (John Alden, 1599-1687) [from Old Catalog] Aldis, Nathan, Fl. 1640-1675 Aldis Family Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, 1836-1907 Aldrich, William Farrington, 1853- [from Old Catalog] Aleksandar Obrenovic, King Of Serbia, 1876-1903 Alekseĭ Mikhaĭlovich, Czar Of Russia, 1629-1676 Aleksiĭ, Saint, Metropolitan Of All Russia, Approximately 1292-1378 Alembert, Jean Le Rond D', 1717-1783 Aleutian Islands (Alaska) -- History Aleuts Alexander, Aetolus Alexander, Alexander, 1783-1859 Alexander, Archibald, 1772-1851 Alexander, Charles M. (Charles McCallon), 1867-1920 Alexander, The Great, 356 B.C.-323 B.C Alexander, The Great, 356-323 B.C Alexander, Thomas Stockett, 1801-1871. [from Old Catalog] Alexander, William, 1726-1783 Alexander, William, Called Lord Stirling, 1726-1783 Alexander, William Patterson, 1805-1884 Alexander Family Alexander I, Emperor Of Russia, 1777-1825 Alexander II, Emperor Of Russia, 1818-1881 Alexander II, Emperor Of Russia, 1818-1881 -- Coronation Alexander The Great, 356-323 B.C. [from Old Catalog] Alexander VI, Pope, 1431-1503 Alexandra, Empress, Consort Of Nicholas I, Emperor Of Russia, 1798-1860 Alexandra, Empress, Consort Of Nicholas II, Emperor Of Russia, 1872-1918 Alexandra, Queen, Consort Of Edward VII, King Of Great Britain, 1844-1925 Alexandria (N. H.) -- Guidebooks. [from Old Catalog] Alexandria (Va.) Alexandria (Va.) -- Guidebooks Alexandria (Va.) -- History Alexandria -- History Civil War, 1861-1865. [from Old Catalog] Alfafa Weevil. [from Old Catalog] Alfalfa Alfalfa. [from Old Catalog] Alfieri, Vittorio, 1749-1803 Alfonce, Jean, 1483?-1557? [from Old Catalog] Alfonso V, King Of Aragon, 1396-1458 Alfonso VIII, King Of Castile, 1155-1214 Alfonso XI, King Of Castile And Leon, 1311-1350 Alfonso XIII, King Of Spain, 1886-1941 Alford, Henry, 1810-1871 Alford, Lodovic. [from Old Catalog] Alfred (Me.) -- History Alfred, King Of England, 849-899 Algae Algae. [from Old Catalog] Algebra Alger, R. A. (Russell Alexander), 1836-1907 Alger, Russell Alexander, 1836-1907. [from Old Catalog] Algiers, Battle Of, Algiers, Algeria, 1816 Algonquian Indians Algonquian Indians. [from Old Catalog] Algonquian Languages Alhambra (Granada, Spain) Alice Lee Elliott Memorial (Valliant, Okla.) Alice May (Schooner) [from Old Catalog] Alien And Sedition Laws, 1798 Alien Property -- United States Aliens Aliens -- United States Alison, Sir Archibald, Bart., 1792-1867 Alkali Aluminum Halides Alkali Lands Alkali Lands. [from Old Catalog] Allegany County (N.Y) -- History Allegany County (N.Y.) Allegany County (N.Y.) -- Biography Allegany County (N.Y.) -- History Allegheny College (Meadville, Pa.) Allegheny County Bar Association Allegiance -- United States Allegiance. [from Old Catalog] Allegories Allegories. [from Old Catalog] Allegory Alleine, Joseph, 1634-1668 Allen, Amos L. (Amos Lawrence), 1837-1911 Allen, Andrew. [from Old Catalog] Allen, Charles, 1797-1869 Allen, Charles, 1797-1869. [from Old Catalog] Allen, Elizabeth Anne Chase Akers, 1832-1911 Allen, Ethan, 1737-1789 Allen, Ethan, 1737-1789. [from Old Catalog] Allen, Ethan, 1738-1789 Allen, George G. [from Old Catalog] Allen, Heman, 1777-1844 Allen, Henry Watkins, 1820-1866. [from Old Catalog] Allen, Ira, 1751-1814. [from Old Catalog] Allen, James, 1792-1870 Allen, James C., 1823- Allen, John, 1795-1887 Allen, Samuel, Fl. 1632 Allen, Thomas, 1813-1882 Allen, Thomas, 1813-1882. [from Old Catalog] Allen, William, 1784-1868 Allen, William Bethel, 1824-1846 Allen, Zachariah, 1795-1882 Allen County Courthouse (Fort Wayne, Ind.) Allen Family Allen Family (Edward Allen, Ca. 1670-1741) [from Old Catalog] Allentown, Pa. Trout Hall Allen Township, Northhampton Co., Pa Allerton (Race Horse) [from Old Catalog] Allerton Family All Hallows By-the-Tower (Church : London, England) Allied And Associated Powers (1914-1920). 1919 Sept. 10 Allied And Associated Powers (1914-1920). Supreme War Council Allied Naval Armistice Commission Allison, Clay, 1840 Or 41-1887 Allison, William Boyd, 1829-1908. [from Old Catalog] Allouez, Claude Jean, 1620-1690? Alloys All Souls Church (Washington, D.C. : Unitarian) Allston, Theodosia (Burr) "Mrs. Joseph Allston," 1783-1813 Allston, Washington, 1779-1843 Allston Family [John Allston, 1690-1780] Allusions Almanace, Battle Of, 1771. [from Old Catalog] Almanacs Almanacs, American Almanacs, American. [from Old Catalog] Almanacs, Bermudan. [from Old Catalog] Almanacs, French Almanacs, Russian Almanacs. [from Old Catalog] Almeida Garrett, João Baptista Da Silva Leitão De Almeida Garrett, Visconde De, 1799-1854 Almshouses Alna, Me Alnwick Castle (Alnwick, England) Aloha, Camp, Vt. [from Old Catalog] Alphabet Alphabet Rhymes Alphabets Alphabets. [from Old Catalog] Alpha Delta Society Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Xi Delta Alps -- Guidebooks Alpuche, Wenceslao, 1804-1841 Alsace (France) Alsace-Lorraine Question Alstead, N.H. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Alsted, Johann Heinrich, 1588-1638 Altaic Languages Alternative Medicine Altgeld, John Peter, 1847-1902 Altitude Altitudes Alton (Ill.) -- History Altruism Altsheler, Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander), 1862-1919 Aluminum Aluminum Chloride Aluminum Industry And Trade Aluminum Ores Aluminum Oxide Aluminum Oxide Industry Aluminum Salts. [from Old Catalog] Amalgamation Amateur Plays Amateur Theater Amateur Theatricals Amateur Theatricals. [from Old Catalog] Amazons Amazons. [from Old Catalog] Ambassadors Ambassadors' Spouses Ambergris Ambrister, Robert Christie, 1785?-1818 Ambrose, James, 1813-1856. [from Old Catalog] Ambystoma Amelia, Princess Of England, 1783-1810 America America's Cup America (Yacht) America -- Antiquities America -- Biography America -- Description And Travel America -- Discovery And Exploration America -- Discovery And Exploration -- Norse America -- Discovery And Exploration -- Russian America -- Discovery And Exploration Dutch America -- Discovery And Exploration Early Works To 1800 America -- Discovery And Exploration English America -- Discovery And Exploration English Early Works To 1800 America -- Discovery And Exploration French America -- Discovery And Exploration French. [from Old Catalog] America -- Discovery And Exploration Norse America -- Discovery And Exploration Spanish Early Works To 1800 America -- Politics And Government American Academy Of Music (Philadelphia, Pa.) American Ambulance Field Service. [from Old Catalog] American Ambulance Hospital, Juilly American Anti-Slavery Society American Anti-slavery Society American Anti-slavery Society. [from Old Catalog] American Anti-Slavery Society. [from Old Catalog] American Antiquarian Society American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass. [from Old Catalog] American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Massachusetts American Antiquarian Society. [from Old Catalog] American Archives ... By Peter Force. Washington, 1837-53. [from Old Catalog] American Archives ... By Peter Force. Washington, 1837-1853. [from Old Catalog] American Association Of Foreign Language Newspapers. [from Old Catalog] American Association Of Workers For The Blind. Uniform Type Committee American Atiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass American Ballads And Songs. [from Old Catalog] American Banana Company. [from Old Catalog] American Baptist Convention American Baptist Publication Society American Bible Society American Bible Union American Bison American Board Of Commissioners For Foreign Missions American Board Of Commissioners For Foreign Missions. [from Old Catalog] American Board Of Commissioners Of Foreign Missions. [from Old Catalog] American College Of Dressmaking, Kansas City, Mo American Colonization Society American Colonization Society. [from Old Catalog] American Defense Society American Drama American Drama -- Bibliography American Education Society American Essays American Essays. [from Old Catalog] American Federation Of Labor. [from Old Catalog] American Fiction American Fiction -- New York (State) New York History And Criticism American Field Service American Field Service. [from Old Catalog] American Fur Company American Gymnastic Union American Historical Association American Historical Association. [from Old Catalog] Americanisms Americanisms -- Massachusetts Nantucket Americanization American Jewish Committee American Junior Red Cross American Legion American Legion. Connecticut American Legion. Danbury Post 60 (Danbury, Conn.) American Letters American Library Association American Literature American Literature -- African American Authors History And Criticism American Literature -- History And Criticism American Literature -- Illinois -- Bibliography American Literature -- Massachusetts Boston History And Criticism American Literature -- Massachusetts Concord American Literature -- New England History And Criticism American Literature -- Outlines, Syllabi, Etc American Literature -- South Dakota -- History And Criticism American Literature -- West Virginia American Literature. [from Old Catalog] American Loyalists American Loyalists. [from Old Catalog] American Marten American Medical Association American Mink American Missionary Association American Missionary Association. [from Old Catalog] American Monthly Magazine. [from Old Catalog] American National Red Cross American Newspapers American Party American Party. New York American Party. [from Old Catalog] American Periodicals American Philosophical Society American Philosophical Society. Library American Poetry American Poetry -- African American Authors American Poetry -- African American Authors -- History And Criticism American Poetry -- New Jersey American Prose Literature American Prose Literature. [from Old Catalog] American Protective League American Railway Association American Red Cross American Red Cross. Commission For Belgium American Roumanian Society Americans American Seamen's Friend Society American Society For The Extension Of University Teaching American Society Of Civil Engineers American Students American Sunday-School Union American Tract Society American Tract Society. [from Old Catalog] American Union Commission American University (Washington, D.C.) American Wit And Humor American Wit And Humor, Pictorial American Woolen Company. [from Old Catalog] Ames, David, 1760-1847. [from Old Catalog] Ames, Edward Scribner, 1870-1958 Ames, Fisher, 1758-1808 Ames, Mary (Clemmer), Mrs., 1839-1884. [from Old Catalog] Ames, Oliver, 1895-1918. [from Old Catalog] Amfiteatrov, Iakov, 1802-1848 Amherst's Expedition Against Ticonderoga And Crown Point, 1759 Amherst (Mass. : Town) -- Genealogy Amherst (N.H.) -- Biography Amherst (N.H.) -- Description And Travel Amherst (N.H.) -- Genealogy Amherst (N.H.) -- History Amherst, N.H Amherst, N.H. -- Biography. [from Old Catalog] Amherst, N.H. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Amherst, N. H. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Amherst, N.H. -- History Civil War, 1861-1865. [from Old Catalog] Amherst, N.H. -- History Poetry. [from Old Catalog] Amherst College Amherst College. Class Of 1885 Amherst College. Dept. Of Physical Education And Hygiene Amherst College. Dept. Of Physical Education And Hygiene. [from Old Catalog] Amherst College. Observatory. [from Old Catalog] Amherst College. [from Old Catalog] Amides Amiel, Henri Frédéric, 1821-1881 Amino Acids Ammianus Marcellinus Ammonia Ammonium Sulfate Ammunition Amnesia Amnesty Amnesty -- United States Amnesty -- United States. [from Old Catalog] Amory Family (Hugh Amory, B. 1605) Amphibians Amputation Amulets Amunátegui, Miguel Luis, 1828-1888 Amusements Amvrosiĭ, Archbishop Of Moscow, 1708-1771 Amwell, N.J. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Amylases Ana. [from Old Catalog] Anabaptists Anacostia Lyceum Anacreon Analog-to-digital Converters Analogy (Religion) Analogy (Religion) [from Old Catalog] Anandibai Josi, 1865-1887. [from Old Catalog] Anapestic Poetry Anarchism Anarchism -- United States Anarchism And Anarchists. [from Old Catalog] Anarchists A Native Of Maryland. [from Old Catalog] Anatomical Specimens Anatomy Anatomy, Comparative Anatomy, Comparative -- Laboratory Manuals Anatomy, Pathological Anatomy, Surgical And Topographical Ancestor Rolls Ancestor Worship Ancient Arabic Order Of The Nobles Of The Mystic Shrine For North America Ancient Order Of United Workmen Ancona Chicken Andamana, Queen Of The Canary Islands. [from Old Catalog] Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian), 1805-1875 Anderson, Alexander, 1775-1870 Anderson, Carl Carey, 1877-1912. [from Old Catalog] Anderson, Fort, Capture Of, 1865 Anderson, James S. [from Old Catalog] Anderson, John, 1812-1880. [from Old Catalog] Anderson, John, 1831?- Anderson, John Todd, 1887-1918 Anderson, Martin Brewer, 1815-1890 Anderson, Matthew, 1845-1928 Anderson, Richard Clough, 1750-1826. [from Old Catalog] Anderson, Richard Heron, 1821-1879 Anderson, Robert, 1805-1871 Anderson, Robert, 1805-1871. [from Old Catalog] Anderson, Tommy F Anderson, William, 1805-1866 Anderson County (S.C.) -- Economic Conditions Anderson Family Andersonville, Ga Andersonville, Ga. Military Prison. [from Old Catalog] Andersonville, Ga. National Cemetery. [from Old Catalog] Andersonville, Georgia. National Cemetery Andersonville Prison Andersson, Charles John, 1827-1867 Andes. [from Old Catalog] Andocides, Ca. 440-ca. 390 B.C Andover (Me.) -- Description And Travel Andover (N.H.) -- Church History Andover (N.H.) -- Description And Travel Andover (N.H.) -- History Andover, Mass. Punchard Free School Andover Theological Seminary Andrei Pereiaslavskii, Saint, Kniaz' Smolenskii, D Ca 1390 Andrew, Apostle, Saint Andrew, John A. (John Albion), 1818-1867 Andrew, John Albion, 1818-1867 Andrew, John Albion, 1818-1867. [from Old Catalog] Andrew I, Grand Prince Of Vladimir, Approximately 1111-1174 Andrews, C. C. (Christopher Columbus), 1829-1922 Andrews, William S. [from Old Catalog] Andromache (Legendary Character) Andronicus, Titus (Legendary Character) Andronicus I Comnenus, Emperor Of The East, D 1185 Andros, Edmund, Sir, 1637-1714 Andros, Edmund, Sir, 1637-1714. [from Old Catalog] Andros, Thomas, 1759-1845 Androscoggin County (Me.) -- Biography Androscoggin County (Me.) -- History Andryane, Alexandre Philippe, 1797-1863 André, John, 1751-1780 André, John, 1751-1780. [from Old Catalog] Anecdotes Anemia Anesthesia In Obstetrics Anesthetics Angela Merici, Saint, 1474-1540 Angelico, Fra, Ca. 1400-1455 Angeline, Suquamish Indian, -1896 Angell, Israel, 1740-1832 Angell, James Burrill, 1829-1916 Angelo, Henry. [from Old Catalog] Angels Angels -- Christianity Angels In Art Anger Angibaut, Pierre, Called Champdoré, Fl. 1608 Angier, John, 1605-1677 Angle Family Anglesey Antiquarian Society And Field Club Anglican Church Of Canada Anglican Communion Anglican Converts Anglican Orders Anglo-Burmese War, 2nd, 1852 Anglo-Egyptian War, 1882 Anglo-French War, 1778-1783 Anglo-French War, 1793-1802 Anglo-Israelism Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Anglo-Saxon Race Anglo-Saxon Race. [from Old Catalog] Anglo-saxons Anglo-Saxons Angora Goat Angora Goat. [from Old Catalog] Angoulême, Marie-Thérèse Charlotte, Duchesse D', 1778-1851 Angoulême, Marie Thérèse Charlotte, Duchess D', 1778-1851 Anima Christi Animal Behavior Animal Culture Animal Feeding Animal Intelligence Animal Magnetism Animal Nutrition Animal Pounds Animal Products Animal Products. [from Old Catalog] Animals Animals -- Anecdotes Animals -- Fiction Animals -- Folklore Animals -- Juvenile Fiction Animals -- Pictorial Works Animals As Actors Animals In Art. [from Old Catalog] Animals In Literature Animals In Literature. [from Old Catalog] Animal Welfare Animal Welfare -- Poetry Animation (Cinematography) Animism Animism. [from Old Catalog] Ann, Cape (Mass.) Ann, Cape (Mass.) -- Description And Travel Ann, Cape (Mass.) -- Guidebooks Anna (Biblical Prophetess) Anna, Princess Of Saxony, 1903- Anna Decatur (Ship) Anne, Of Brittany, Consort Of Louis XII, King Of France, 1476-1514 Anne, Of Cleves, Queen, Consort Of Henry VIII, King Of England, 1515-1557 Anne, Queen, Consort Of Louis XIII, King Of France, 1601-1666 Anne, Queen Of Great Britain, 1665-1714 Anne Boleyn, Queen, Consort Of Henry VIII, King Of England, 1507-1536 Anne Of St. Bartholomew, Mother, 1550-1626 Annet, Peter, 1693-1769 Annexation (Municipal Government) -- Massachusetts Annihilationism Annuals (Plants) [from Old Catalog] Annuities Anonymous Writings, Russian Ansa, Juan Battista De. [from Old Catalog] Anselm, Saint, Archbishop Of Canterbury, 1033-1109 Antarctica Antes, Henry, 1701-1755 Antes Family. [from Old Catalog] Anthon, Henry, 1795-1861 Anthony, Daniel Read, 1824-1904. [from Old Catalog] Anthony, Henry B. (Henry Bowen), 1815-1884 Anthony, Of Padua, Saint, 1195-1231 Anthracite Coal Anthracite Coal Strike, Pa., 1922 Anthracnose Anthrax Anthrax, Symptomatic. [from Old Catalog] Anthropological Museums And Collections Anthropology Anthropometry Anthès-Heeckeren, Georges Charles D', Baron, 1812-1895 Anti-Catholicism Anti-poverty Society On The American Plan. [from Old Catalog] Anti-submarine Warfare Antichrist Antietam, Battle Of, Md., 1862 Antietam, Battle Of, Md., 1862 -- Poetry Antietam National Cemetery Antigone (Greek Mythology) Antigone (Greek Mythology) In Literature Antigonus, Of Carystus, Fl. 240 B.C Antigua -- Description And Travel Antimasonic Party Antimony Antin, Mary, 1881-1949 Antinoüs, Ca. 110-130 Antioch College Antiochus IV, King Of Syria, Approximately 215 B.C.-164 B.C Antiphon, Ca. 480-411 B.C Antipyretics Antiquarians Antique Dealers Antiques Antirent War, N.Y., 1839-1846 Antiseptics Antislavery Movements Antislavery Movements -- Massachusetts Boston Antislavery Movements -- Massachusetts Boston History Antislavery Movements -- United States Antislavery Movements -- United States. [from Old Catalog] Antislavery Movements -- United States [from Old Catalog] Antitrust Law Antitrust Law. And Legislation Antoine, André, 1858-1943 Antonides Family. [from Old Catalog] Antonius, Marcus, 83 B.C.?-30 B.C Antonius, Marcus, 83?-30 B.C Ants Ants -- Juvenile Literature Anus Aorta Apache Indians Apache Indians -- Kings And Rulers Apartment House Service Apauk, Piegan Indian Apes Aphids Aphorisms And Apothegms Apicomplexa Apocryphal Books (Old Testament) Apocryphal Gospels Apocryphal Infancy Gospels Apollo (Greek Deity) Apollonius, Of Tyana Apollonius Of Tyre (Fictitious Character) Apologetics Apostasy Apostles Apostles' Creed Apostleship Of Prayer (Organization) Apostolic Fathers Apostolic Succession Appalachians (People) Apparitions Apparitions. [from Old Catalog] Appendicitis Apperception Apperception. [from Old Catalog] Applegate, Mary (Stillwell), Mrs., D 1804. [from Old Catalog] Apple Maggot Apples Apple Scab Appleton (Me.) -- Directories Appleton, William, 1786-1862 Appleton Family Appleton Family (Samuel Appleton, 1586-1670) [from Old Catalog] Applications For Office Applications For Positions Applied Ethics Applin, R. V. K. (Reginald Vincent Kempenfeldt), 1869-1957 Appomattox, Lee's Surrender At, 1865. [from Old Catalog] Appomattox Campaign, 1865 Appomattox Campaign, 1865. [from Old Catalog] Apponyi, Albert, Grof, 1846-1933 Apponyi, Albert, Gróf, 1846-1933 Apprentices Apricot Apthorp (N.H.) -- Biography Aquariums Aquariums. [from Old Catalog] Aquatic Ecology Aquatic Organisms Aquatic Plants Aquatic Plants. [from Old Catalog] Aquatic Sports Arabian Peninsula -- Description And Travel Arabic Language Arabic Language -- Conversation And Phrase Books (for Soldiers, Etc.) Arabic Language -- Dialects -- Iraq Arabic Language -- Dialects -- Syria Arabic Literature Arabs Araceae Aragon (Spain) A Railroads Aram, Eugene, 1704-1759 Aram. Eugene, 1704-1759 Aramaic Language Arapaho Indians Arapaho Language Aratus, Solensis Arawak Language Arbitration (International Law) Arbitration, Industrial Arbitration, Industrial -- United States Arbitration, International Arbor Day Arbuthnot, Alexander, 1748?-1818 Archaeological Institute Of America Archaeology Archaeology -- History Archaeology -- Societies. [from Old Catalog] Archconfraternity Of The Holy Face Archer, Isabel (Fictitious Character) Archer, William B Archery Archibald, Robert Wodrow. [from Old Catalog] Architects Architects -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia Architectural Acoustics Architectural Drawing Architectural Inscriptions -- Massachusetts Boston Architecture Architecture, Colonial Architecture, Colonial -- Maine Architecture, Colonial. [from Old Catalog] Architecture, Domestic Architecture, Domestic -- Designs And Plans Architecture, Domestic -- Maine Architecture, Domestic -- Southwest, Old -- Designs And Plans Architecture, Gothic. [from Old Catalog] Architecture, Greek Architecture, Medieval Architecture, Renaissance Architecture -- England -- London Architecture -- History Architecture -- Italy Architecture -- Juvenile Literature Architecture -- Massachusetts Boston Architecture -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia Architecture -- Washington (D.C.) Archival Materials Archival Resources Archive Buildings Archive Of Folk Culture (U.S.) Archives Archives -- New Jersey Archives -- New Jersey. [from Old Catalog] Archives -- New York (State) Archives -- New York (State) Huntington Archives -- Rhode Island Providence Archives -- Rhode Island Providence. [from Old Catalog] Archives -- United States -- Catalogs Archivists Arctic (Steamship) [from Old Catalog] Arctic Ocean -- Fiction Arctic Regions Arden Family. [from Old Catalog] Ardennes Area Measurement A Reply To The Sketches ... By Dr. R. Mayo Arezzo (Italy) -- Guidebooks Argenteuil, France (Benedictine Monastery) [from Old Catalog] Argentine Ant Argonauts (Greek Mythology) Argonne, Battle Of The, France, 1918 Argus (Brig) Argyll, Anna (Mackenzie) Campbell, Countess Of, 1621-1707 Argyll, Dukes Of. [from Old Catalog] Argyll, George Douglas Campbell, Duke Of, 1823-1900 Argyll, John Campbell, Duke Of, 1680-1743 Argüello Y Morago, María De La Concepción Marcela, D. 1857 Arid Regions Arikara Indians Aristocracy (Political Science) Aristocracy (Social Class) Aristophanes Aristotle Arithmetic Arizona Arizona -- Politics And Government Arizona. Constitution -- Amendments. [from Old Catalog] Arizona. Constitution. [from Old Catalog] Arizona. Council Of Defense. [from Old Catalog] Arkansas (Battleship) Arkansas -- Antiquities Arkansas. Normal School, Conway Arkansas. University Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Ark. : 1889) Arkansas Traveller (Tune) [from Old Catalog] Arkins Family Ark Of The Covenant Arlington, Henry Bennet, Earl Of, 1618-1685 Arlington, Henry Bennet, Earl Of, 1618-1685. [from Old Catalog] Arlington, Mass. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Arlington, Va. Confederate Monument Arlington Hotel (Washington, D.C.) Arlington National Cemetery (Arlington, Va.) Arlington Street Church (Boston, Mass.) Armada, 1588 Armadillos Armagh (Northern Ireland : County) Arman, Jean Lucien, 1811-1873 Armas Y Céspedes, José De, 1834-1900 Armed Forces Armed Merchant Ships Armenia Armenia (Republic) -- Social Life And Customs Armenian Church Armenian Language Armenian Language, Classical Armenian Massacres, 1894-1896 Armenian Question Armies Arminianism Arminius, Jacobus, 1560-1609 Armor Armor-plate Armour, Jean, 1765-1834 Arms Control -- Verification -- Europe Arms Transfers Armstrong, John Armstrong, John, 1758-1843. [from Old Catalog] Armstrong, Kosciuszko Armstrong, S. C. (Samuel Chapman), 1839-1893 Armstrong, Samuel Chapman, 1839-1893. [from Old Catalog] Armstrong, W. C. Armstrong Gen., Privateer Army Army Service Schools (U.S.) Army War College (U.S.) Arnaldo Da Brescia, D. 1155 Arnold, Benedict, 1615-1678 Arnold, Benedict, 1741-1801 Arnold, Benedict, 1741-1801. [from Old Catalog] Arnold, Edwin, Sir, 1832-1904 Arnold, Elizabeth Ward, 1778-1865 Arnold, Julian Biddulph, 1863- Arnold, Lemuel Hastings, 1792-1852 Arnold, Lewis G., 1815-1871 Arnold, Matthew, 1822-1888 Arnold Family Arnold Tavern (Morristown, N.J.) Arnold Von Selehofen, Abp. Of Mainz, D 1163. [from Old Catalog] Arnot, Andrew, 1722-1803. [from Old Catalog] Arnot, John, 1831-1886. [from Old Catalog] Arnould, Sophie, 1740-1802 Aroostook County (Me.) -- Description And Travel Aroostook County (Me.) -- History Aroostook River And Valley -- Description And Travel Aroostook War, 1839 Arrowsmith, George, 1839-1863. [from Old Catalog] Arsenals Arsenic Arsenic -- Carcinogenicity Arsenic -- Physiological Effect Arsenic. [from Old Catalog] Arsenic Preparations. [from Old Catalog] Arsenic Wastes Arson -- Massachusetts Gloucester Art Art, American Art, Ancient Art, Chinese. [from Old Catalog] Art, Cuban Art, Dutch. [from Old Catalog] Art, English Art, French Art, Greek Art, Italian Art, Italian. [from Old Catalog] Art, Japanese Art, Municipal Art, Municipal -- New York (State) New York Art, Municipal. [from Old Catalog] Art, Primitive Art, Roman Art -- Catalogs Art -- Exhibitions Art -- Juvenile Literature Art -- New York (State) New York Art -- Philosophy Art -- Private Collections Art -- Study And Teaching Art And Morals Art And Mythology Art And Mythology. [from Old Catalog] Art And Religion Art Auctions Artaxerxes III, Ochus, King Of Persia, 358-338 B. C. [from Old Catalog] Art Critics Artesian Wells Artevelde, Philip Van, 1340-1382 Arthur, Chester Alan, 1829-1886 Arthur, Chester Alan, 1830-1886 Arthur, George, Sir Bart., 1784-1854. [from Old Catalog] Arthur, King Arthur, T. S. (Timothy Shay), 1809-1885 Arthur Hill High School (Saginaw, Mich.) Arthur I, Duke Of Brittany, 1187-1203 Arthurian Romances Artificial Flowers Artificial Flowers. [from Old Catalog] Artificial Limbs Artificial Respiration Artillery Artillery, Field And Mountain Artillery, Field And Mountain. [from Old Catalog] Artists Artists -- Fiction Artists For Victory, Inc Art Museums Art Museums -- Massachusetts Boston Art Objects Arts Arts And Crafts Movement. [from Old Catalog] Artsybashev, Nikolaĭ Sergi︠e︡evich, 1733-1841. [from Old Catalog] Asbell, George, D. 1894. [from Old Catalog] Asbestos Industry Asbury, Francis, 1745-1816 Asbury Park (N.J.) -- History Asbury Park (N.J.) -- Pictorial Works Asbury Park, N.J. High School. [from Old Catalog] Asceticism Asenath (Biblical Figure) Asgill, Charles, Sir, 1760?-1823 Asgill, Charles, Sir, 1762-1823. [from Old Catalog] Ashanti War, 1873-1874 Ashbrook, William Sinclair, 1868- [from Old Catalog] Ashburn, George W., 1868 Ashburn, George W., D. 1868. [from Old Catalog] Ashburnham (Mass.) -- Church History Ashburton, Alexander Baring, Baron, 1774-1848 Ashby, Turner, 1828-1862 Ashby-de-la-Zouch Castle. [from Old Catalog] Ashe, Samuel A. (Samuel A'Court), 1840-1938 Ashfield (Mass.) -- History Ashland (Mass.) -- Biography Ashmun, J. (Jehudi), 1794-1828 Ashokan Reservoir (N.Y.) Asia, Central -- Description And Travel Asia -- Church History -- 20th Century Asia -- Description And Travel Asia -- Discovery And Exploration Asia -- Genealogy Asian American Business Enterprises -- Government Policy -- United States Asian Americans -- Economic Conditions Asians Asians. [from Old Catalog] Askew, Anne, 1521-1546 Asparagus Asparagus Rust. [from Old Catalog] Aspen Asphalt Asphalt Rock Aspland, Robert, 1782-1845 Assamese Language Assassination Assassination. [from Old Catalog] Assassination In Literature Assassins Assassins In Literature Assaying Assembly, Right Of Asses And Mules. [from Old Catalog] Assessment Insurance Assimilation (Sociology) Assiniboin Indians Associated Charities Of Minneapolis Associated Pioneers Of The Territorial Days Of California Associated Veterans Of The Mexican War Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Association For The Preservation Of Virginia Antiquities. [from Old Catalog] Association Of Alumni Secretaries (U.S.) Association Of Collegiate Almanac Association Of Ideas Association Of Masters Of The Boston Public Schools Association Of Military Surgeons Of The United States. [from Old Catalog] Association Of The Oldest Inhabitants Of The District Of Columbia Associations, Institutions, Etc Assurance (Theology) Assyrian Church Of The East Assyrian Church Of The East Members Assyrians Assyriology Assyro-Babylonian Literature Assyro-Babylonian Religion Asthenia Astor, John Jacob, 1763-1848 Astor, Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor, Viscountess, 1879-1964 Astorga, Francisco. [from Old Catalog] Astor Place Riot, New York, N.Y., 1849 Astragalus Earlei Astral Projection Astrologers Astrology Astrology -- Periodicals. [from Old Catalog] Astrology In Literature Astronautics Astronomers Astronomical Instruments Astronomical Models Astronomy Astronomy, Ancient Astronomy, Juvenile And Popular Astronomy, Juvenile And Popular. [from Old Catalog] Astronomy, Medieval, In Literature Astronomy -- Juvenile Literature Astronomy -- Miscellanea Astronomy In The Bible Astrophysics Asylums Atakapa Indians Atalanta (Greek Mythology) Athaliah, Queen Of Judah Athanasian Creed Athanasius, Saint, Patriarch, Of Alexandria, D. 373 Athapascan Indians Atheism Athelstan, King Of England, 895-940 Athena Athena (Greek Deity) Athens (Greece) -- Social Life And Customs Atherton, Joshua, 1737-1809 Athletic Clubs Athletics Athol (Mass.) -- Biography Athol (Mass.) -- History Athol (Mass.) -- History Civil War, 1861-1865 Athol, Mass. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Athos (Greece) Atkinson, Frances Antoinette (Bridges), 1876-1906 Atkinson, G. H. (George Henry), 1819-1889 Atkinson, N.H. Congregational Church. [from Old Catalog] Atlanta (Steam Ram) Atlanta. Cotton States And International Exposition, 1895. [from Old Catalog] Atlanta. Ga. International Cotton Exposition, 1881. [from Old Catalog] Atlanta. Second Baptist Church Atlanta Campaign, 1864 Atlanta University Atlantic City (N.J,) -- Description And Travel Atlantic City (N.J.) Atlantic City (N.J.) -- Description And Travel Atlantic City (N.J.) -- Guidebooks Atlantic City (N.J.) -- History Atlantic City (N.J.) -- Pictorial Works Atlantic City, N.J. [from Old Catalog] Atlantic Coast (Canada) -- Description And Travel Atlantic Coast (U.S.) -- Description And Travel Atlantic Coast (U.S.) -- Guidebooks Atlantic Coast -- Description And Travel. [from Old Catalog] Atlantic Cod Fisheries Atlantic Cod Fisheries -- Massachusetts Atlantic County (N.J.) -- Description And Travel Atlantic County (N.J.) -- History Atlantic Salmon Atlantic States Atlantic States -- Description And Travel Atlantic States -- Description And Travel. [from Old Catalog] Atlantic States -- Guidebooks Atlantis (Legendary Place) Atlases Atmosphere Atmospheric Temperature Atmospheric Temperature -- Maine Atomic Theory Atoms Atoms -- Fiction Atonement Atrazine Atsina Indians -- Folklore Attention Attic Greek Dialect Attila, -453 Attila, -453 -- Fiction Attila, D. 453 Attila, D. 453. [from Old Catalog] Attis (God) Attleboro (Mass.) -- Biography Attleboro (Mass.) -- History Attleboro, Mass Atwater, David, D. 1692 Atwater, Lyman Hotchkiss, 1813-1883 Atwater, Moses, 1765-1847 Atwater Family Atwater Family (David Atwater, D. 1692) Atwell, George Benjamin, 1793-1879. [from Old Catalog] Atwood, Wallace Walter, 1872- [from Old Catalog] Atwood Family Aubigné, Agrippa D', 1552-1630 Auburn Prison Auclerc, Gabriel André, D. 1815. [from Old Catalog] Auction Bridge Auction Bridge. [from Old Catalog] Auctions Audubon, John James, 1785-1851 Auer, Alois, Ritter Von Welsbach, 1813-1869. [from Old Catalog] Aughey, John H. (John Hill), 1828-1911 Augsburg Confession Augusta Victoria, Consort Of Manuel II, King Of Portugal, 1890- [from Old Catalog] Augustin, August F Augustine, Saint, Archbishop Of Canterbury, D. 604? Augustine, Saint, Bishop Of Hippo Augustus, Emperor Of Rome, 63 B.C.-14 A.D Augustus Frederick, Prince, Duke Of Sussex, 1773-1843 Aulick, John H., D. 1873 Aura Aureate Terms Aurora (Privateer) Aurora (Ship) Ausable Chasm, N.Y. [from Old Catalog] Auscultation Ausonius, Decimus Magnus Austen, Cassandra, 1773-1845 Austen, Jane, 1775-1817 Austin, James Trecothick, 1784-1870 Austin, Stephen F. (Stephen Fuller), 1793-1836 Austin, Stephen F., 1790?-1836. [from Old Catalog] Austin, Stephen Fuller, 1793-1836. [from Old Catalog] Austin Family (Jonathan Austin. Fl 1760) [from Old Catalog] Australia Australia (Brig) Australia -- Description And Travel Australia -- Genealogy Australia. Tariff Board Austria -- Economic Conditions -- 1945- Austria -- Foreign Relations -- Switzerland Austria -- Foreign Relations United States Austria -- Foreign Relations United States. [from Old Catalog] Austria -- History -- Revolution, 1848-1849 Austria -- Politics And Government -- 1945- Austro-Prussian War, 1866 Austronesian Languages Author. [from Old Catalog] Authority Authors Authors' Presentation Inscriptions -- Massachusetts Authors' Presentation Inscriptions -- New Hampshire Authors' Spouses Authors (Game) Authors, American Authors, American -- 19th Century Biography Authors, American -- Biography Authors, American -- Homes And Haunts -- South Dakota Authors, American -- Homes And Haunts Massachusetts Boston Authors, American -- Homes And Haunts Massachusetts Boston Guidebooks Authors, American -- Homes And Haunts New York (State) Authors, American. [from Old Catalog] Authors, Czech Authors, Danish Authors, English Authors, English -- Biography Authors, French Authors, German Authors, Greek Authors, Insane. [from Old Catalog] Authors, Irish Authors, Latin Authors, Latin (Medieval And Modern) Authors, Polish Authors, Russian Authors, Russian. [from Old Catalog] Authors, Scottish Authors, Spanish Authors, Swiss Authors. [from Old Catalog] Authors And Publishers Authors And Theater Authorship Auto-intoxication Autobiography Autobiography. [from Old Catalog] Autographs Automatism Automobile Industry And Trade Automobile Insurance Automobile Painting Automobiles Automobiles, Military Automobiles -- Handbooks, Manuals, Etc Automobiles -- Motors Automobiles -- Motors -- Exhaust Gas Automobiles. [from Old Catalog] Automobile Trailers Automobile Travel Automobile Travel -- Guidebooks Automobile Travel -- New England Automobile Travel -- Northwest, Pacific -- Guidebooks Autopsy Autumn Autumn In Art Auvergne (France) Avarice Avarice. [from Old Catalog] Averroës, 1126-1198 Avery, Ephraim K., D. 1869 Avery Family (Christopher Avery, 1590-1679) [from Old Catalog] Avesta Avestan Language Avienus, Rufius Festus Avocado Awnings Axles Axles. [from Old Catalog] Axtell (Race Horse) [from Old Catalog] Aycock, Charles Brantley, 1859-1912 Ayer (Mass.) Ayer, Frances Amelia, 1829-1843 Ayer, J. C. (James Cook), 1819-1878 Ayer, James Cook, 1818-1878 Ayer Family (John Ayer, D. 1657) [from Old Catalog] Ayer Family (Richard Ayres, Fl. 1640) [from Old Catalog] Ayers, Howard, 1861. [from Old Catalog] Ayers Family (John Ayer, 1590?-1657) [from Old Catalog] Ayesha (Fictitious Character : Haggard) Ayesha (Fictitious Character : Haggard) -- Fiction Ayesha (Schooner) Ayrshire Cattle Ayscough, John, 1858-1928 Azcárate, Miguel María De Azilia. [from Old Catalog] Azores -- Description And Travel Azotobacter Aztecs Aztecs. [from Old Catalog] Álvares Pereira, Nuno, Saint, 1360-1431 B'nai B'rith B.F. Goodrich Company, Akron, Ohio Babcock, Charles Alonzo, 1847-1922. [from Old Catalog] Babcock, Maltbie D. (Maltbie Davenport), 1858-1901 Babesiosis In Cattle Babington, Anthony, 1561-1586 Babrius Babylon (N.Y. : Town) -- Genealogy Babylon (N.Y. : Town) -- History Sources Baccalaureate Address Baccalaureate Addresses Baccalaureate Addresses. [from Old Catalog] Bache, Franklin, 1792-1864 Bachelors Bachiler, Stephen, 1561-1660 Bachiler, Stephen, 1561-1660. [from Old Catalog] Bacillus Morulans Back Back, George, Sir, 1796-1878. [from Old Catalog] Back Bay (Boston, Mass.) Backgammon Backgammon. [from Old Catalog] Backus, Isaac, 1724-1806 Backus, Isaac, 1724-1806. [from Old Catalog] Bacon's Rebellion, 1676 Bacon's Rebellion, 1676. [from Old Catalog] Bacon, Augustus Octavius, 1839-1914 Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626 Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626 -- Correspondence Bacon, Jane Cornwallis, Ca. 1581-1659 Bacon, Leonard, 1802-1881 Bacon, Robert, 1860-1919 Bacon, Roger, 1214?-1294 Bacon, Samuel, 1781-1820 Bacteria Bacteria, Nitrifying. [from Old Catalog] Bacteriology Bacteriology, Agricultural Bad Breath Badeau, Adam Baden (Switzerland) Badger, George Edmund, 1795-1866. [from Old Catalog] Badger, Joseph, 1757-1846 Badger, Joseph, 1792-1852 Badges Bad Nauheim (Germany) -- Description And Travel Bagby, Edward, 1842-1864. [from Old Catalog] Bagging Baghdad Railway Bagley, John Judson, 1832-1881 Bagley, Worth, 1874-1898 Bagley Family Bag Punching Bahai Faith Bailey, Ebenezer, 1795-1839 Bailey, Horace W. (Horace Ward), 1852-1914 Bailey, Jacob, 1731-1818 Bailey, Jane, 1816-1829. [from Old Catalog] Bailey, Joseph W. (Joseph Weldon), 1863-1929 Bailey Family Bailey Family (Robert Bayley, D. 1772) Baillet De Latour, Theodor Franz, Graf Von, 1780-1848. [from Old Catalog] Baillie Family. [from Old Catalog] Bainbridge, William, 1774-1833 Baird, Margaret E. (Strang), Mrs Baird Family (Francis Baird, D 1800) [from Old Catalog] Baird Family (John Beard, D. 1690) Baker, Cullen Montgomery, 1835-1869 Baker, Edward Dickenson, 1811-1861. [from Old Catalog] Baker, Edward Dickinson, 1811-1861 Baker, Edward Dickinson, 1811-1861. [from Old Catalog] Baker, Francis Aloysius, 1820-1865 Baker, James Hutchins, 1848- [from Old Catalog] Baker, Newton Diehl, 1871-1937.1867 Baker, Samuel White, Sir, 1821-1893 Baker, Violetta (Clark), Mrs., D 1923. [from Old Catalog] Baker, William Spohn, 1824-1897 Baker, William Taylor, 1841-1903 Baker Family Baker Family (Samuel Baker, 1763-1842) Baker Family (Thomas Baker, 1618-1700) Bakeries Baking Baking -- United States Baking. [from Old Catalog] Balaklava, Battle Of, Balaklava, Ukraine, 1854 Balch Family Balch Family (John Balch, 1579-1648) [from Old Catalog] Baldcypress Baldwin (Me. : Town) Baldwin, Arthur D. (Arthur Douglas), 1876-1955 Baldwin, Charles R., 1803-1839 Baldwin, Evelyn Briggs, 1862-1933 Baldwin, Francis George Baldwin, Henry Perrine, 1842-1911 Baldwin, Roger Sherman, 1793-1863 Baldwin, Simeon, 1761-1851 Baldwin, Thomas, 1753-1825 Baldwin, William Henry, 1863-1905 Baldwin Family. [from Old Catalog] Baldwin Locomotives Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, Earl Of, 1848-1930 Balfour, Walter, 1776-1852 Balkan Peninsula Ball's Bluff, Battle Of, Va., 1861 Ball, Charles, B. 1781? Ballades Ballades. [from Old Catalog] Ballads Ballads, Chinese Ballads, English Ballads, Flemish Ballads, Scots Ballads, Spanish Ballantine, William Gay. [from Old Catalog] Ballantyne & Company Ballantyne, James, 1772-1833 Ballantyne Press Ballard, Bland, 1761-1853. [from Old Catalog] Ballard, James Franklin, 1851-1931 -- Art Collections Ballet Ballets Ball Family (Francis Ball, D 1648) [from Old Catalog] Ball Family (Samuel Ball, 1686-1751) [from Old Catalog] Ball Family (William Ball, Fl. 1650) [from Old Catalog] Ballistics Balloon Ascensions Balloons Ballot Ballot Boxes Ballou, Adin, 1803-1890 Ballroom Dancing Balls (Parties) Ballston (N.Y.) Ballston, N.Y. [from Old Catalog] Ballston Springs, N.Y. -- Directories. [from Old Catalog] Baltic Philology Baltimore (Cruiser) Baltimore (Md.) -- Description And Travel Baltimore (Md.) -- History War Of 1812 Baltimore (Ship) Baltimore, Battle Of, Baltimore, Md., 1814 Baltimore, Cecil Calvert, Baron, Ca. 1605-1675 Baltimore, George Calvert, Baron, 1580-1632 Baltimore, George Calvert, Baron, 1580?-1632 Baltimore, Kansas City, Mo. [from Old Catalog] Baltimore -- Biography Baltimore -- History Baltimore. Courthouse. [from Old Catalog] Baltimore. Green Mount Cementery. [from Old Catalog] Baltimore. Second Presbyterian Church Baltimore And Ohio Railroad. [from Old Catalog] Baltimore And Ohio Railroad Company Baltus, Barent, Active 1659 Baluze, Étienne, 1630-1718. [from Old Catalog] Balzac, Honoré De, 1799-1850 Balzac, Honoré De, 1799-1850 Bamboo Bampton Proper (England) -- History Bananas Bancroft, George, 1800-1891 Bancroft, Hubert Howe, 1832-1918 Bancroft Family Bandages And Bandaging Bangall, N.Y Bangerter, Friedrich, 1868- [from Old Catalog] Bangs Family Bankers Bankhead, John Hollis, 1842-1920 Banking Law Bank Notes Bank Of California Bank Of England Bank Of Maryland, Baltimore. [from Old Catalog] Bank Of The United States (1816-1836) Bank Robberies Bankruptcy Banks, Elizabeth L., 1870-1938 Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss, 1816-1894 Banks, Newell W., 1887- Banks And Banking Banks And Banking -- Accounting. [from Old Catalog] Banks And Banking -- Japan Banks And Banking -- United States Banks Family Bannwart, Carl. [from Old Catalog] Bantam Chickens Bantu-speaking Peoples Baptism Baptist Baptist Church (North Londonderry, N.H.) Baptist Church In Mississippi Baptist Foreign Missionary Convention Of The U.S Baptist Missionary Convention Of The State Of New York Baptists Baptists, English Baptists -- Doctrines Baptists -- Louisiana Baptists -- Massachusetts Baptists -- New England Baptists -- Rhode Island Baptists -- Sermons Baptists. Alabama. Muscle Shoals Baptist Association. [from Old Catalog] Baptists. New Jersey. [from Old Catalog] Baptists. [from Old Catalog] Baptistsiterature Barbados Barbados -- Description And Travel Barbee, William Randolph, 1818-1869 Barbellion, W. N. P., 1889-1919 Barber, Francis, 1751-1783 Barber Family Barberries Barbers Barbers' Supplies Barbers. [from Old Catalog] Barbosa, Francisco De Assis, 1914- [from Old Catalog] Barbour, James, 1775-1842. [from Old Catalog] Barbour, John Strode, 1820-1892. [from Old Catalog] Barbour Family (Thomas Barber, Fl. 1635) [from Old Catalog] Barcelona (Spain) -- Description And Travel Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690 Bard, Samuel, 1742-1821 Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y. [from Old Catalog] Bard Family Bards And Bardism Barentsz, Willem, Ca. 1550-1597 Barett Family (Robert Barret, 1722-1805) [from Old Catalog] Barite Barium Barker, Ebenezer, D. 1771. [from Old Catalog] Barker, George Payson, 1807-1848. [from Old Catalog] Barker, J. Ellis, 1870-1948 Barker, James Nelson, 1784-1858. [from Old Catalog] Barker Family (James Barker, 1778-1842) [from Old Catalog] Barker Family. [from Old Catalog] Barkhamsted (Conn.) Bar Kokhba, -135 Bar Kokhba, D. 135 Barley Barley. [from Old Catalog] Barlow, Anna, 1841?-1860 Barlow, Arthur, Ca. 1550-1620. [from Old Catalog] Barlow, Debbie S., 1838?-1860 Barlow, Francis C. (Francis Channing), 1834-1896 Barlow, Helen, 1840?-1858 Barlow, Joel, 1754-1812 Barlow Family Barnard, Daniel, 1827-1892. [from Old Catalog] Barnard, Frederick A. P. (Frederick Augustus Porter), 1809-1889 Barnard, George Grey, 1863- Barnard, Sarah Philena, Mrs., 1819-1853. [from Old Catalog] Barnert, Nathan, 1838- Barnes, Albert, 1798-1870. [from Old Catalog] Barnes, Alfred Smith, 1817-1888 Barnes, James, 1809-1869. [from Old Catalog] Barnes, Mary Downing (Sheldon), 1850-1898 Barnes Family Barnes Family (Thomas Barnes, 1602-1672) Barnett Family Barney, Joshua, 1759-1818 Barney Family (William Barney, D. 1746) Barnitz, Samuel Bacon, 1838-1902 Barnstable (Mass.) -- Biography Barnstable (Mass.) -- Centennial Celebrations, Etc Barnstable (Mass.) -- History Sources Barnstable County (Mass.) -- History Barnstead (N.H.) -- Biography Barnstead (N.H.) -- History Barnum, P. T. (Phineas Taylor), 1810-1891 Baron De Hirsch Agricultural And Industrial School, Woodbine, N.J Barr, Joseph W. (Joseph Welch), 1802-1832 Barra, Francisco L. De La (Francisco León), 1863-1939 Barras, Charles M., 1826-1873 Barre Academy (Barre, Vt.) Barrell, William, D. 1776 Barrels Barrenechea, José Antonio, 1829-1889 Barren Fig Tree (Parable) Barrett Family Barrie, Margaret Ogilvy Barrington (R.I. : Town) -- History Barrington, R.I. Baptist Church. [from Old Catalog] Barroll Family Barroll Family William Barroll, 1734-1778 Barron, James, 1769-1851 Barrow, Cape. [from Old Catalog] Barrow, John, Sir, 1764-1848 Barrows, David Prescott, 1873- Barrundia, J. Martin, D. 1890. [from Old Catalog] Barry, John, 1745-1803 Barry, John, 1745-1803. [from Old Catalog] Barry, William Taylor, 1785-1835. [from Old Catalog] Bars (Drinking Establishments) Barsetshire (England : Imaginary Place) Barstow, Josiah Whitney, 1826- [from Old Catalog] Bart, Jean, 1650-1702. [from Old Catalog] Barthelemy-Saint-Hilaire, Jules, 1805-1895. Sur Le Nirvana Bouddhique Bartholdi's Statue Of Liberty, New York. [from Old Catalog] Bartholdi, Frédéric Auguste, 1834-1904 Bartholomew Family Bartimaeus Bartimaeus (Biblical Figure) Bartlett, Alexander, 1826-1883 Bartlett, Paul Wayland, 1865- [from Old Catalog] Bartlett, Peter Mason, 1820-1901 Bartlett, Shubael, 1778-1854 Bartlett, Washington, 1824-1887 Bartlett, William Francis, 1840-1876 Bartlett Family (Robert Bartlett, 1603?-1676) [from Old Catalog] Bartolo, Of Sassoferrato, 1313-1357 Barton, Clara, 1821-1912 Barton, Edward Davis, 1837-1862. [from Old Catalog] Barton, John Wait, 1839-1866 Barton, William, 1748-1831. [from Old Catalog] Barton, William Eleazar, 1861-1930 Barton, William Eleazer, 1861- Barton Family Bascom, John, 1827-1911 Bascom, Oliver, 1815-1869. [from Old Catalog] Bascom Family (Thomas Bascom, D. 1682) Baseball Baseball. [from Old Catalog] Basedow, Johann Bernhard, 1723-1790. [from Old Catalog] Basedow, Johann Bernhard, 1724-1790 Basedow, Johaun Bernhard, 1723-1790. [from Old Catalog] Base Running (Baseball) Bashfulness Bashfulness -- Juvenile Fiction Bashkirtseff, Marie, 1860-1884 Basilica Di San Marco (Venice, Italy) Basilica Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus (Conewago, Adams County, Pa.) Basilique Sainte-Anne (Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Québec) Basket-Maker Indians Basketball Basketball For Women Basket Making Basket Making. [from Old Catalog] Basketwork Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church (N.J.) Basque Language Basques Basse, Dettmar, 1764-1836 Bassett, John Spencer, 1867-1928 Bass Family Bass Fishing Bass Fishing. [from Old Catalog] Bassino (Game) [from Old Catalog] Bastille Batavia, N.Y. Holland Land Office Bate, William Brimage, 1826-1905. [from Old Catalog] Bate, William Thornton, 1820-1857 Bateham, Minerva Dayton, 1856-1885 Bates, Albert Carlos, B. 1865 Bates, Asa, 1769-1840 Bates College (Lewiston, Me.) Bates College, Lewiston, Me. [from Old Catalog] Bates Family Bath (England) -- Description And Travel Bath (N.H.) -- History Bath, Pa Bathing Beaches Bath Iron Works Bathrick, Ellsworth R., 1863-1917. [from Old Catalog] Baths Baths, Sea Bathsheba (Biblical Figure) Bathurst, Henry Bathurst, Earl, 1762-1834 Baton Rouge, La. Confederate Monument. [from Old Catalog] Battell, Robbins, 1819-1895. [from Old Catalog] Battenberg Lace Battenberg Lace. [from Old Catalog] Batthyány, Lajos, Gróf, 1806-1849. [from Old Catalog] Batting (Baseball) Battisti, Cesare, 1875-1916 Battle Ball Battle Ground Academy, Franklin, Tenn. [from Old Catalog] Battles Battles -- Germany Battles -- Great Britain Battles. [from Old Catalog] Battleships Baudrillart, Alfred, 1859- Bauer, Bruno, 1809-1882 Baunscheidtism Bauxite Baxter, Elisha, B. 1827 Baxter, Elisha, B. 1827. [from Old Catalog] Baxter, James Phinney, 1831-1921 Bayard, James A. (James Asheton), 1767-1815 Bayard, Nicholas, 1644?-1707. [from Old Catalog] Bayard, Pierre Du Terrail, Seigneur De, 1473 (ca.)-1524. [from Old Catalog] Bayard, Pierre Terrail, Seigneur De, Ca. 1473-1524 Bayard Family. [from Old Catalog] Bay City, Mich. First National Bank. [from Old Catalog] Bay County Savings Bank, Bay City, Mich. [from Old Catalog] Bayer Process Bayle, Pierre, 1647-1706 Baylen, Battle Of, 1808 Bayley, Abigail (Goodhue) Mrs. 1756-1846 Baylor College (Belton, Tex.) Baylor University, Waco, Tex. [from Old Catalog] Bayonets Bayonne (N.J.) -- History Beach, Allen C., 1825-1918. [from Old Catalog] Beach, Chandler Belden, 1839- Beach, Lewis, 1835-1886 Beach Family (John Beach, 1620-1681) Beach Family (John Beach, 1620-1681) [from Old Catalog] Beach Family (Richard Beach, Ca. 1618-ca. 1688) Beach Family (Thomas Beach, D. 1662) Beachwood (N.J.) Beadle, E. R. (Elias Root), 1812-1879 Beadle, W. H. H. (William Henry Harrison), 1838-1915 Beagle (Dog Breed) Beagles (Dogs) Beale, Edward Fitzgerald, 1822-1893 Beale, James, 1844?- Beal Family (Manum Beall, Fl. 1740) Beall, George, 1695-1780. [from Old Catalog] Beall, George, 1729-1807. [from Old Catalog] Beall, John Y. (John Yates), 1835-1865 Beall, Ninian, 1625-1717. [from Old Catalog] Bean Family Beans Bear (Ship) Bear. [from Old Catalog] Bears Bears -- Folklore Beatitudes Beatrix (Sacrista) [from Old Catalog] Beatty, David Beatty, Earl, 1871-1936 Beatty Family (John Beatty, D 1720?) [from Old Catalog] Beauharnais, Eugène De, 1781-1824 Beauman, Sebastian, 1739-1803. [from Old Catalog] Beaumont, Francis, 1584-1616 Beauregard, G. T. (Gustave Toutant), 1818-1893 Beauty, Personal Beauty Culture. [from Old Catalog] Beauvais Family Beaver, James Addams, 1837-1914. [from Old Catalog] Beaver Club Beaver Dams, Battle Of, Beaver Dams, Ont., 1813 Beavers Beavin, Ambrose Henry, 1874- [from Old Catalog] Beck, James B. (James Burnie), 1822-1890 Beck, Theodric Romeyn, 1791-1855 Becker, Karl Ferdinand, 1775-1849 Bedell, Gregory T. (Gregory Townsend), 1793-1834 Bedell, Henry E Bedford (N.H.) -- History Bedford (N.H. : Town) -- History Bedford, N.H. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Bedford County (Pa.) -- Census Bedford Street Mission (Philadelphia, Pa.) Bedminster (N.J.) -- History Bedouins Beecher, Charles, 1815-1900 Beecher, Henry Ward, 1813-1887 Beecher, Henry Ward, 1813-1887. [from Old Catalog] Beecher, Lyman, 1775-1863 Bee Culture Bee Culture. [from Old Catalog] Beef Beef Cattle Beekman, Rachel (Du Mont), Mrs. [from Old Catalog] Beekman, Rachel Du Mont Beer Bees Bees. [from Old Catalog] Beet And Beet Sugar Beet And Beet Sugar. [from Old Catalog] Beethoven, Ludwig Van, 1770-1827 Beetles Beet Pests Beets Beets And Beet Sugar Beets And Beet Sugar. [from Old Catalog] Beet Sugar Beet Sugar Industry Beggars Begonias Behavior -- Fiction Behrman, Martin, 1864-1926 Beidler Family (Jacob Beidler, B. Ca. 1708) [from Old Catalog] Beissel, Conrad, 1690-1768 Belarusian Language Belding, Warren Asa, 1816-1902 Belding Bros. & Co. [from Old Catalog] Belgian Hare Belgian Literature Belgians Belief And Doubt Belinsky, Vissarion Grigoryevich, 1811-1848 Belisarius, 505 (ca.)-565 Belisarius, Approximately 505-565 Belize -- Antiquities Belknap County (N.H.) Belknap County (N.H.) -- Biography Belknap County (N.H.) -- History Bell, Alexander Graham, 1847-1922 Bell, Charles Henry, 1823-1893 Bell, Charles Henry, 1823-1893. [from Old Catalog] Bell, Hiram Parks, 1827-1907 Bell, John, 1797-1869 Bell, John, 1797-1869. [from Old Catalog] Bell, Robert, 1841- [from Old Catalog] Bellamont, Richard Coote, 1st Earl Of, 1636-1701. [from Old Catalog] Belle-Isle, France. Lighthouse. [from Old Catalog] Belle Coquette (Game) Belle Isle (Prison) Bellermino, Roberto Francesco Romolo, Cardinal, 1542-1621. [from Old Catalog] Bellevue Tunnel, Col. [from Old Catalog] Bell Family Bellini, Giovanni, D. 1516 Belloc, Hilaire, 1870-1953. Jews Bells Belmont, Battle Of, Belmont, Mo., 1861 Belmore, Earls Of Beloit College Belshazzar Belt Conveyors Belts And Belting Bem, Józef, 1794-1850 Benedetto Da San Filadelfo, Saint, 1526-1589. [from Old Catalog] Benedict, Lewis, 1785-1862. [from Old Catalog] Benedict, Lewis, 1817-1864 Benedict, Saint, Abbot Of Monte Cassino Benedict, Susan (Stafford), Mrs. 1790-1869. [from Old Catalog] Benedict College Benedictines Benediction Benefactors Beneficial Insects Beneke, Friedrich Eduard, 1798-1854 Benezet Family. [from Old Catalog] Bengali Language Benjamin, Marcus, 1857- Bennet, Elizabeth (Fictitious Character) Bennet, Isaac, 1803?-1856 Bennett, Arnold, 1867-1931 Bennett, James Gordon, 1795-1872 Bennett Family. [from Old Catalog] Bennington, Battle Of, N.Y., 1777 Bennington, Vt. First Church Bennington County (Vt.) -- History Bennington Pottery Bennison Family. [from Old Catalog] Benson, Arthur Christopher, 1862-1925 Benson, William Shepherd, 1855-1932 Benson Family Bentham, Jeremy, 1748-1832 Bentley, Adamson, 1785-1864. [from Old Catalog] Benton, Thomas Hart, 1782-1858 Benton, Thomas Hart, 1782-1858. [from Old Catalog] Benton Family (Andrew Benton, 1620-1683) [from Old Catalog] Benton Family (Caleb Benton, 1742-1831) [from Old Catalog] Benton Family (Edward Benton, 1600-1680) [from Old Catalog] Benton Family (Samuel Slade Benton, 1777-1857) [from Old Catalog] Benzene Beothuk Indians Beothuk Language Beowulf Berbers Berchmans, John, Saint, 1599-1621 Berea College Berean Presbyterian Church Bereavement Bereman Family. [from Old Catalog] Berenice, B. Ca. 28 Bergakademie Freiberg Bergen (N.J.) -- History Bergen, Norway. Internationale Fiskerindstilling, 1898 Bergen Co., N.J. -- History Societies. [from Old Catalog] Bergen County (N.J.) -- Biography Bergen County (N.J.) -- History Bergen Reformed Church (Jersey City, N.J.) Bergner, George. [from Old Catalog] Bergson, Henri, 1859-1941 Bering Sea Controversy Berkeley (England) -- History Berkeley, George, 1685-1753 Berkh, Vasiliĭ Nikolaevich, 1781-1834 Berkman, Alexander, 1870-1936 Berks County (Pa.) Berkshire County (Mass.) -- Description And Travel Berkshire County (Mass.) -- History Berlin (Conn.) -- Genealogy Berlin (Conn.) -- History Berlin (Mass.) -- History Berlin. Königsstädtisches Theater. [from Old Catalog] Bernadette, Saint, 1844-1879 Bernard, Of Clairvaux, Saint, 1090 Or 91-1153 Bernardo Del Carpio (Legendary Character) Bernhard, Prince-Bishop Of Münster, 1606-1678 Bernhardi, Friedrich Adam Julius Von, 1849- Bernhardi, Friedrich Von, 1849-1930 Bernhardt, Sarah, 1844-1923 Berrien House (Rocky Hill, N.J.) Berries Berries. [from Old Catalog] Berry, Hiram Gregory, 1824-1863 Berry, Marie-Caroline De Bourbon-Sicile, Duchesse De, 1798-1870 Berryer, Pierre Antoine, 1790-1868 Berry Family Bertie, Richard, 1517-1582 Bertinazzi, Carlo, 1710-1783 Bertini, Giovanni Maria, 1818-1876 Berwick, Me Beryllium Besant, Walter, Sir, 1836-1901 Bessemer Process Best Books Best Family Bestiaries Beta Theta Pi Bethany (Conn. : Town) -- Genealogy Bethany (Conn. : Town) -- History Bethany, Conn. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Bethell, John, 1804-1867. [from Old Catalog] Bethlehem (N.H.) -- History Bethlehem, Conn. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Bethlehem, N.H. [from Old Catalog] Bethlehem, Pa. Sun Inn. [from Old Catalog] Bethlehem Steel Company, South Bethlehem, Pa. [from Old Catalog] Betrothal In Literature Beulah Anchorage (Reading, Pa.) Beusse Family (Diedrich Henry Beusse, 1791-1833) Bevens, W. E Beverages Beveridge Family Beverly, Mass Bewcastle Cross Beyens, Eugène-Napoléon, Baron, 1855-1934 Bezique Bhuj (India) -- Description And Travel Bianca, Grand-Duchess, Consort Of Francesco I, Grand-Duke Of Tuscany, 1548-1587 Bibikov, A. I. (Aleksandr Ilʹich), 1729-1774 Bible Bible -- Antiquities Bible -- Biography Bible -- Commentaries Bible -- Criticism, Interpretation, Etc Bible -- History Bible -- History Of Biblical Events Bible -- Inspiration Bible -- Prophecies Bible -- Textbooks Bible-Christian Church Bible-Christian Church (Philadelphia, Pa.) Bible. Acts -- Commentaries. [from Old Catalog] Bible. Daniel -- Prophecies Bible. English -- History Bible. English -- Versions Bible. Ephesians -- Textbooks Bible. Gospels -- Examinations, Questions, Etc Bible. Gospels -- Harmonies, English Bible. John -- Criticism, Interpretation, Etc Bible. N. T. Gospels. [from Old Catalog] Bible. New Testament -- Theology Bible. New Testament. Selections. English. 1923 Bible. O.T Bible. O. T Bible. O. T. Apocrypha. [from Old Catalog] Bible. O. T. Deuteronomy Bible. O. T. Job Bible. O.T. Leviticus Bible. O. T. Pentateuch Bible. O.T. Pentateuch Bible. O.T. Psalms. English. Paraphrases. 1907 Bible. O. T. Psalms. [from Old Catalog] Bible. O. T. Psalms CXXX Bible. Old Testament -- Criticism, Interpretation, Etc Bible. Old Testament -- History Of Biblical Events Bible. Old Testament -- Study And Teaching Bible. Old Testament -- Textbooks Bible. Psalms, XXIII -- Meditations Bible. Syriac Bible And Geology Bible And Science Bible And Spiritualism Bible As Literature Bible In Literature Bible Plays Bible Stories Bible Stories, English Bible Stories, German Bible Stories, German. [from Old Catalog] Bible Stories, Latin Bible Stories, Norwegian Bible Stories, Russian Bible Stories, Swedish Bible Stories, Twi Biblical Scholars Bibliographical Literature Bibliography Bibliomania Biblioteka Dlia Chteniia. [from Old Catalog] Bibliothèque Nationale De France Bickerdyke, Mary Ann, 1817-1901 Bicycles Bicycles -- Periodicals Bicycles And Tricycles. [from Old Catalog] Biddeford (Me.) Biddeford (Me.) -- Description And Travel Biddeford (Me.) -- History Biddle, Alexander, 1819-1899 Biddle, Charles John, 1819-1873 Biddle, Nicholas, 1750-1778 Biddle, Nicholas, 1786-1844. [from Old Catalog] Biddle, Richard, 1796-1847 Biddle, William Thomas, 1824-1851. [from Old Catalog] Bidwell, John, 1819-1900 Bidwell, John, 1819-1900. [from Old Catalog] Bidwell Family Bierce, Ambrose, 1842-1914? Bigamy Big Bethel, Battle Of, Va., 1861 Bigelow, George Tyler, 1810-1878 Bigelow, John, 1817-1911 Bigelow, Lucy Maria, 1827-1832. [from Old Catalog] Bigelow, Moses, 1800-1874. [from Old Catalog] Bigelow, Timothy, 1739-1790. [from Old Catalog] Bigelow Family (John Bigelow, 1617-1703) [from Old Catalog] Big Game Hunting Big Hole, Battle Of The, Mont., 1877 Big Tree, Treaty Of, 1797. [from Old Catalog] Bill Drafting Bille, C. St. A. (Carl Steen Andersen), 1828-1898 Billerica, Mass. First Congregational Church Billiards Billiards. [from Old Catalog] Billop Family (Christopher Billopp, 1638?-1726) [from Old Catalog] Bimetallism Binder-twine. [from Old Catalog] Binet-Simon Test Bingham (Me.) Bingham, Harry, 1821-1900. [from Old Catalog] Bingham, Luther Melancthon, 1836-1863 Binney, Horace, 1780-1875. [from Old Catalog] Binney, Horace, 1809-1870 Biochemistry Biogeography Biographers Biographical Fiction Biography Biography -- 19th Century Biography -- 19th Century -- Dictionaries Biography -- Juvenile Literature Biography As A Literary Form Biology Bird, Henry, 1767. [from Old Catalog]- Bird, Isabella L. (Isabella Lucy), 1831-1904 Bird, Michael Presbury, 1769-1851. [from Old Catalog] Bird, Robert Montgomery, 1806-1854. [from Old Catalog] Bird-houses. [from Old Catalog] Bird Attracting Bird Day Bird Family (William Byrd, Fl. 1674) Birds Birds -- Antarctica Birds -- Conservation Birds -- Eggs Birds -- Folklore Birds -- Great Britain Birds -- Juvenile Literature Birds -- Maine Birds -- Washington (State) Birdsell Family. [from Old Catalog] Birds In Literature Birds In Literature. [from Old Catalog] Birds In Poetry. [from Old Catalog] Birds Of Prey. [from Old Catalog] Birdsongs Birkbeck, Morris, 1762?-1825 Birkbeck, Morris, 1764-1825 Birney, Fitzhugh, 1842-1864. [from Old Catalog] Birney, James Gillespie, 1792-1857 Birney, William, 1819-1907. [from Old Catalog] Biron, Ernst Johann, Duke Of Courland, 1690-1772 Birth Control Birthday Books Birthdays Birthstones Biscuits Bishop's Waltham (England) -- History Bishop Family (John Bishop, 1685-1755) [from Old Catalog] Bishop Family (Samuel Bishop, 1678/9-1760) [from Old Catalog] Bishop Family (Thomas Bishop, D 1670) [from Old Catalog] Bishop Family. [from Old Catalog] Bishops Bisland, Elizabeth, 1861-1929 Bismarck, Johanna, Fürstin Von, 1824-1894 Bismarck, Otto, Fürst Von, 1815-1898 Bismarck, Otto, Fürst Von, 1815-1898 Bismarck, Otto, Fürst Von, 1815-1898. [from Old Catalog] Bismarck-Schönhausen, Otto Eduard Leopold, Fürst Von, 1815-1898. [from Old Catalog] Bismuth Ores Bissell, Daniel, 1754-1824. [from Old Catalog] Bitler, James Summerfield, 1852- [from Old Catalog] Bittinger Family (Adam Büdinger, 1698-ca. 1768) Bituminous Coal Bivalves Bixby, Jonathan, B. 1728 Bixby, William Keeney, 1857-1931. [from Old Catalog] Björnsjerna, Magnus Fredrik Ferdinand, Grefve, 1779-1847 Bjørnson, Bjørnstjerne, 1832-1910 Black, Chauncey Forward, D. 1904 Black, John, 1777?-1825 Black, Samuel Black-tongue Black Bass Blackbirds Blackboard Drawing Black Brigade Of Cincinnati Black Family Blackfeet Indians. [from Old Catalog] Black Hawk, Sauk Chief, 1767-1838 Black Hawk War, 1832 Black Hawk War, 1832. [from Old Catalog] Black Hills (S.D. And Wyo.) -- Description And Travel Black Hills (S.D. And Wyo.) -- History Blackmon, Frederick Leonard, 1873-1921 Blackpool (England) -- Description And Travel Black Race Black Race. [from Old Catalog] Black Rot Blacks Blacks -- Colonization Africa Blacks -- Folklore Blacks -- History Blacks -- History 1863-1877 Blacks -- Religion Blacks. [from Old Catalog] Black Sage. [from Old Catalog] Blackshear, David, 1764-1837. [from Old Catalog] Blacksmithing Blacksmithing, [from Old Catalog] Blacksmithing. [from Old Catalog] Blacksmiths Blackstone, William, 1595-1675 Blackstone, William, D. 1675 Blackstone, William, D. 1675. [from Old Catalog] Blackstone River (Mass. And R.I.) Black Warrior (Steamer) Blackwell Commercial Club, Blackwell Oklahoma. [from Old Catalog] Blackwood (N.J.) -- Church History Bladensburg, Battle Of, Bladensburg, Md., 1814 Blades Blaeu, Willem Janszoon, 1571-1638 Blaine, James Gillespie, 1830-1893 Blaine, James Gillespie, 1830-1893 -- Portraits, Caricatures, Etc. [from Old Catalog] Blair & Rives Blair & Rives (Washington, D.C.) Blair, Austin, 1818-1894 Blair, Austin, 1818-1894. [from Old Catalog] Blair, Francis Preston, 1821-1875 Blair, Francis Preston, 1821-1875. [from Old Catalog] Blair, Frank P. (Frank Preston), 1821-1875 Blair, James G., 1828- [from Old Catalog] Blair, John Durbarrow, 1759-1823 Blair Family Blaisdell, Albert F. (Albert Franklin), 1847-1927 Blake (Ship) Blake, James Heighe, 1768-1819. [from Old Catalog] Blake, James Vila, 1842-1925 Blake, Margaret Jane, 1811-1880. [from Old Catalog] Blake, Mary Elizabeth McGrath, 1840-1907 Blake, Robert, 1599-1657 Blake, William, 1757-1827 Blake Family. [from Old Catalog] Blakeney, Percy, Sir (Fictitious Character) Blakesley, Samuel, D. 1672 Blakesley Family Blanc, Mont (France And Italy) Blanche, De Navarre, Queen, Consort Of Philip VI. King Of France, Ca.1331-1398 Blanchet, Avocat À Cor De Paris. [from Old Catalog] Blandings Castle (England : Imaginary Place) Blank-books Blashfield, Edwin Howland, 1848-1936 Blast-furnaces Blast Furnaces Blasting Blasting, Submarine Blasting Machines Blavatsky, H. P. (Helena Petrovna), 1831-1891 Bleckley, Logan Edwin, 1827-1907 Bleecker, Harmanus, 1779-1849. [from Old Catalog] Blenheim Palace (England) Blennerhassett, Harman, 1764?-1831 Blennerhassett, Harman, 1765-1831 Blind Blind -- New York (State) Blinds -- Catalogs Blish Family Bliss, Aaron Thomas, 1837-1906 Bliss, P. P. (Philip Paul), 1838-1876 Bliss, Stephen, 1787-1847 Blister Rust Blisters Blizzards -- New York (State) New York Blockade Block Island (R.I.) -- Genealogy Block Island (R.I.) -- History Blodgett, Andrew B. (Andrew Burr), B. 1850. Topical Studies In United States History Blodgett, Foster, 1826-1877. [from Old Catalog] Blodgett Family (Asahel Blodgett, 1755-1842) [from Old Catalog] Blodgett Family (Thomas Blodgett, 1605?-1642) [from Old Catalog] Blomfield, Charles James, 1786-1857 Blood Blood, Thomas, 1618?-1680 Blood-vessels Blood Pressure Bloody Assizes, 1685 Bloomfield (Conn.) -- History Bloomfield (N.J.) -- Description And Travel Bloomfield (N.J.) -- History Bloomfield, Robert, 1766-1823 Bloomfield Family Bloomsbury (N.J.) -- History Bloomsbury, N. J. First Presbyterian Church Blosser Family (Peter Blosser, Fl. 1739) [from Old Catalog] Bloss Family Blossom (Ship) Bluebeard. [from Old Catalog] Blueberries Blue Licks, Battle Of The, Ky., 1782 Blue Mountain Lake, N.Y. [from Old Catalog] Blueprinting Blueprints Blue Ridge Parkway Folklife Project Blue Rock Coal Mine Disaster, Harrison Township, O Blücher, Gebhard Leberecht Von, 1742-1819 Blázquez Y Delgado-Aguilera, Antonio, 1859- Board Family (Cornelius Board, D. 1745) [from Old Catalog] Boarding Schools Boardman, Jane Maria (Greenleaf), Mrs., 1835-1899. [from Old Catalog] Boardman Family Boardman Family (Samuel Boreman, 1615-1673) [from Old Catalog] Board Of Charities Of The District Of Columbia Board Of General Proprietors Of The Eastern Division Of New Jersey. [from Old Catalog] Boats And Boating Bobcat Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375 Bocher, Charles F., 1848-1921. [from Old Catalog] Bodies Of Man (Occultism) Bodine Family (Jean Bodine, D 1694) [from Old Catalog] Bodwell, Joseph Robinson, 1818-1887 Body Temperature Boehm's Reformed Church, Whitpain Township, Montgomery Co., Pa Boehm, John Philip, 1683-1749 Boehm Family (John Philip Boehm, 1683?-1749) [from Old Catalog] Boen, William, 1735-1824. [from Old Catalog] Bogardus, Annetje Jans, 1600?-1663. [from Old Catalog] Bogardus, Annetje Jansen, 1600?-1663. [from Old Catalog] Bogle, Robert Bogy, Lewis Vital, 1813-1877. [from Old Catalog] Bohemia (Czech Republic) Bohemianism Boiler-plates Boiler Insurance Bois Fort Indian Reservation (Minn.) Boissenade, Jean François, 1774-1857. [from Old Catalog] Boissonade, Jean François, 1774-1857 Boker, George H. (George Henry), 1823-1890 Bolen, J. A. [from Old Catalog] Bolingbroke, Henry St. John, Viscount, 1678-1751 Bolivar, Simon, 1783-1830 Bolivar, Simón, 1783-1830 Bolivar, William C Bolívar, Simón, 1783-1830 Boll-weevil Boll-weevil. [from Old Catalog] Boll Weevil Bolshevism Bolton (Conn.) -- History Bolton (Mass.) -- History Bolton, Abby, 1827-1849. [from Old Catalog] Bolton, Horace Wilbert, 1839- Bolts And Nuts. [from Old Catalog] Boltwood, George Shepard, 1827-1833. [from Old Catalog] Bolívar, Simón, 1783-1830 Bolʹshoĭ Kremlevskiĭ Dvoret︠s︡ (Moscow, Russia) Bombay Times. [from Old Catalog] Bomberger, J. H. A. (John Henry Augustus), 1817-1890 Bombing, Aerial Bombings Bombs Bompas, William Carpenter, 1834-1906 BOMSPS Bonald, Victor De, 1780-1871 Bonaparte, Elizabeth Patterson, 1785-1879 Bonaparte, François-Charles-Joseph, Herzog Von Reichstadt, 1811-1832 Bonaparte Family Bond, Scott, B. 1853 Bonds Boner, John Henry, 1845-1903 Bones Bones -- Diseases Bon Homme Richard (Ship) Bonneval, Judith Charlotte (de Gontaut-Biron) Comtesse De, D 1741 Bonquillon, Thomas Bookbinders -- Labor Unions Bookbinding Bookbinding -- Repairing Bookbinding -- Russia Book Collecting Book Covers Book Industries And Trade Book Industries And Trade -- Accounting Book Industries And Trade -- Bibliography Book Industries And Trade -- Illinois -- Chicago Book Industries And Trade -- Russia Bookkeeping Book Of Jubilees Book Of Mormon Book Of The Dead Bookplates, American Books Books -- Conservation And Restoration Books And Reading Booksellers' Catalogs Booksellers And Bookselling Booksellers And Bookselling -- Colportage, Subscription Trade, Etc Booksellers And Bookselling -- United States Books Of Chilam Balam Bool-weevil. [from Old Catalog] Boone, Daniel, 1734-1820 Boone, Daniel, 1734-1820. [from Old Catalog] Boone Family Boone Family (George Boone, 1666-1744) [from Old Catalog] Boone Family (George Boone, B. Ca. 1670) [from Old Catalog] Boonton (N.J.) -- History Booth, Almeda A., 1823-1875 Booth, Edwin Gilliam, 1810-1811 Booth, John Wilkes, 1838-1865 Booth, John Wilkes, 1838-1865. [from Old Catalog] Booth, William, 1829-1912 Booth-Clibborn, Catherine, 1860-1955 Boothbay, Me Boots And Shoes Boots And Shoes. [from Old Catalog] Boots And Shoes Industry Boott, John Wright, 1788 Or 9-1845. [from Old Catalog] Boott Family. [from Old Catalog] Bopp, Franz, 1791-1867 Borax Bordeaux Mixture Borden, Gail, 1801- Borden Family Borehole Mining Boreman, Thomas, 1601-1673 Boretskaia, Marfa Ivanovna, 15th Cent Borgia, Cesare, 1476?-1507 Borgia, Lucrezia, 1480-1519 Borgia Family Borglum, John Gutzon De La Mothe, 1867- Boring Boris Fyodorovich Godunov, Czar Of Russia, 1551 Or 2-1605 Boris Fyodorovich Godunov, Czar Of Russia, 1551 Or 1552-1605 Borland, William Patterson, 1867-1919 Borodino, Battle Of, Borodino, Mozhaiskii Raion, Russia, 1812 Borrow, George Henry, 1803-1881 Borzoi Boscawen (N.H.) -- History Bosco, Giovanni, Saint, 1815-1888 Bosnia And Herzegovina -- History -- 1992- Boss Family Boston Boston (Dance) Boston (England) -- Description And Travel Boston (Frigate) Boston (Mass.) Boston (Mass.) -- Beacon Hill Boston (Mass.) -- Biography Boston (Mass.) -- Census Boston (Mass.) -- Centennial Celebrations, Etc Boston (Mass.) -- Church History Boston (Mass.) -- Commerce Boston (Mass.) -- Description And Travel Boston (Mass.) -- Directories Boston (Mass.) -- Fiction Boston (Mass.) -- Fire, 1872 Boston (Mass.) -- Foreign Population Boston (Mass.) -- Genealogy Boston (Mass.) -- Guidebooks Boston (Mass.) -- History Boston (Mass.) -- History 19th Century Sources Boston (Mass.) -- History 1865- Boston (Mass.) -- History Civil War, 1861-1865 Boston (Mass.) -- History Colonial Period, Ca. 1600-1775 Boston (Mass.) -- History Colonial Period, Ca. 1600-1775 Sources Boston (Mass.) -- History Periodicals Boston (Mass.) -- History Pictorial Works Boston (Mass.) -- History Revolution, 1775-1783 Boston (Mass.) -- History Sources Boston (Mass.) -- Industries Boston (Mass.) -- Intellectual Life Boston (Mass.) -- Intellectual Life 19th Century Boston (Mass.) -- Intellectual Life Guidebooks Boston (Mass.) -- Moral Conditions Boston (Mass.) -- Old State House Boston (Mass.) -- Parks Common Boston (Mass.) -- Pictorial Works Boston (Mass.) -- Politics And Government Boston (Mass.) -- Politics And Government 1775-1783 Boston (Mass.) -- Politics And Government 1775-1865 Boston (Mass.) -- Social Life And Customs Boston (Mass.) -- Streets Park Street Boston (Mass.) -- Streets State Street Boston (Mass.) -- Suburbs Boston (Mass.). Board Of Health (1872-1914) Boston (Mass.). Children's Hospital Boston (Mass.). Primary School Committee Boston (Mass.). School Committee Boston, English High School. [from Old Catalog] Boston -- Commerce. [from Old Catalog] Boston -- Fire, 1872. [from Old Catalog] Boston -- History. [from Old Catalog] Boston -- History Societies. [from Old Catalog] Boston -- Politics And Government. [from Old Catalog] Boston -- Suburbs. [from Old Catalog] Boston. -- New North Church. [from Old Catalog] Boston. Amory Hall Committee, 1838 Boston. Annual Visiting Committees Of The Public Schools Boston. Army And Navy Monument Boston. Beacon Hill Monument. [from Old Catalog] Boston. Central Burying Ground Boston. Christ Church. [from Old Catalog] Boston. Church Of The Advent. [from Old Catalog] Boston. City Hall. [from Old Catalog] Boston. Election Dept. [from Old Catalog] Boston. Emancipation Statue Boston. King's Chapel. [from Old Catalog] Boston. Leverett Street Jail. [from Old Catalog] Boston. Masonic Temple Boston. Mechanic Arts High School Boston. New North Church. [from Old Catalog] Boston. Old South Church. [from Old Catalog] Boston. Quincy Statue. [from Old Catalog] Boston. Shaw Monument. [from Old Catalog] Boston. South Burying Ground Boston. Superintendent Of Public Schools. [from Old Catalog] Boston. Washington Equestrian Statue. [from Old Catalog] Boston. Wendell Phillips Statue Boston And Providence Railroad Boston Common (Boston, Mass.) Boston Daily Atlas Boston Harbor (Mass.) Bostonian Society Boston Latin School (Mass.) Boston Magazine ... Containing, A Collection Of Instructive And Entertaining Essays Boston Massacre, 1770 Boston Massacre, 1770. [from Old Catalog] Boston Museum (1847-1903) Boston Port Bill, 1774 Boston Suburban Area (Mass.) Boston Tea Party, 1773 Boston Tea Party, Boston, Mass., 1773 Boston Terrier Boston Type And Stereotype Foundry Boston University Boston University. [from Old Catalog] Boston Water Power Company Boston Yacht Club. [from Old Catalog] Bostwick, Lucius H., D. 1863 Boswell, James, 1740-1795 Botanical Illustration Botany Botany, Economic Botany, Economic. [from Old Catalog] Botany, Medical Botany -- Missouri River Valley Botany -- Mount Desert Island, Me. [from Old Catalog] Botev, Khristo, 1848-1876. [from Old Catalog] Bothwell, James Hepburn, Earl Of, 1536?-1578 Bothwell Bridge, Battle Of, Scotland, 1679 Botrytis Botsford, Edmund, 1745-1819 Botsford Family Botsford Family. [from Old Catalog] Botta, Anne C. Lynch (Anne Charlotte Lynch), 1815-1891 Botta, Carlo Giuseppe Guglielmo, 1766-1837 Botta, Vincenzo Botticelli, Sandro, 1444 Or 5-1510 Bottineau, Jean Baptiste, 1837?-1911 Bottineau, N. D. [from Old Catalog] Boude Family (Grimstone Boude, D. 1716) [from Old Catalog] Boudinot, Elias, 1740-1821. [from Old Catalog] Bouillon Cubes. [from Old Catalog] Boundaries, State Boundaries. [from Old Catalog] Boundary Stones Bounties Bounties, Military Bounties, Military -- United States Bounty (Ship) Bounty Mutiny, 1789 Bouquillon, Thomas Bouquillon, Thomas, 1842-1902 Bourdaloue, Louis, 1632-1704 Bourges. Saint-Étienne (Cathedral) Chapitre. [from Old Catalog] Bourne, Edward Gaylord, 1860- Bourne, Edward Gaylord, 1860-1908. [from Old Catalog] Bourne, Mass. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Bourne, Richard, D. 1682. [from Old Catalog] Bourrienne, Louis Antoine Fauvelet De, 1769-1834 Boursier, Louis (Bourgeois) Mme., 1563-1636 Bouton, Nathaniel, 1799-1878 Boutwell, George S. (George Sewall), 1818-1905 Bow And Arrow Bowden, John, 1751-1817 Bowdle, Stanley Eyere, 1868-1919 Bowdoin (family) Bowdoin, Elizabeth Erving, 1732?-1803 Bowdoin, James, 1727-1790. [from Old Catalog] Bowdoin, James, 1752-1811 Bowdoin College Bowdoin College. Class Of 1849 Bowdoin College. Register. [from Old Catalog] Bowdoin Family. [from Old Catalog] Bowen, Christopher Columbus, 1832- [from Old Catalog] Bowen, Edward E. (Edward Ernest), 1836-1901 Bowen, Edward Ernest, 1836-1801. [from Old Catalog] Bowen, Francis, 1811-1890 Bowers Family Bowie, James, D. 1836 Bowler Family (Charles Bowler, Ca. 1700-1768) Bowles, Charles, 1761-1843 Bowles, John, 1640-1680 Bowling Bowling. [from Old Catalog] Bowls (Game) Bowman Family Bowne, Borden Parker, 1847-1910 Bowne, Eliza Southgate, 1783-1809 Bowne Family (William Bowne, D 1677) [from Old Catalog] Boxborough (Mass.) -- Boundaries Boxers (Sports) Boxes Box Family (John Box, 1697-1774) [from Old Catalog] Boxing Box Making Boyce, William, W., 1819- [from Old Catalog] Boycotts Boyd, Lynn, 1800-1859 Boyd, Orsemus Bronson, D. 1885 Boyd, Thomas, 1757-1779 Boydell, John, 1719-1804. [from Old Catalog] Boyden Family (Thomas Boyden, B 1613) [from Old Catalog] Boyd Family Boyer, Jean Pierre, 1776-1850 Boylston, Mass. First Congregational Church. [from Old Catalog] Boyne, Battle Of The, Ireland, 1690 Boynton, Henry Van Ness, 1835-1905 Boynton, John, 1791-1867. [from Old Catalog] Boys Boys' Clubs Boys' Congress Of Missions Boys. [from Old Catalog] Boy Scouts Boy Scouts. [from Old Catalog] Boyson, Christine Holmes Bozzaris, Markos, Ca. 1788-1823 Brackenridge, Henry Marie, 1786-1871 Brackenridge, Hugh Henry, 1748-1816 Brackett, Anthony, D. 1691 Brackett, Richard, 1610-1691 Brackett Family Braddock's Campaign, 1755 Braddock's Campaign, 1755. [from Old Catalog] Braddock, Edward, 1695?-1755 Braddock Rock (Washington, D.C.) Bradenstoke Priory Bradford (N.H.) Bradford (N.H.) -- History Bradford (Pa.) Bradford, Andrew, 1686-1742 Bradford, Benjamin Chambers, D. 1867 Bradford, William, 1590-1657 Bradley, Joseph H. (Joseph Habersham), 1802-1887 Bradley, William Czar, 1782-1867 Bradley, William O'Connell, 1847-1914 Bradley, William O'Connell, 1847-1914. [from Old Catalog] Bradley Family (Abraham Bradley, Fl. 1639) [from Old Catalog] Bradstreet, John, 1711-1774 Brady, Hugh, 1768-1851. [from Old Catalog] Brady, James H., 1862-1918 Brady Family (Hugh Brady, B. Ca. 1709) Bragança, House Of Bragg, Edward Stuyvesant, 1827- [from Old Catalog] Brahma-samaj Brahma Chicken Brahmanism Brain Brain, Weight Of Brainerd, David, 1718-1747 Brakeley, Matthias, 1730-1796. [from Old Catalog] Braley, Roger, Fl. 1782 Braley Family Brammer Family Bramwell, William, 1759-1818 Branca, Portuguese Princess, 1259- Branch, John, 1782-1863 Branch County (Mich.) Branch Family Branch Family (Christopher Branch, 1600?-1681 Or 2) Brandeis, Louis Dembitz, 1856-1941 Brandreth's Vegetable Pills. [from Old Catalog] Brandywine, Battle Of, Pa., 1777 Branford (Conn.) -- History Sources Branham Family Brannan, William Penn, 1825-1866 Branner Family (Caspar Branner Co. 1729-ca. 1792) [from Old Catalog] Brant, Joseph, 1742-1807 Brantley, Benjamin Daniel, 1832-1891. [from Old Catalog] Brass Brass-founding. [from Old Catalog] Brass. [from Old Catalog] Brass Founding Brass Industry And Trade -- United States Brazil Brazing Brazing. [from Old Catalog] Bread Bread. [from Old Catalog] Breakwaters. [ Breast Breathedsville, Md. College Of St. James. [from Old Catalog] Breathing Apparatus Breck, Samuel, 1771-1862. [from Old Catalog] Breckinridge, John, 1797-1841 Breckinridge, John C. (John Cabell), 1821-1875 Breckinridge, John C., B. 1821 Breckinridge, Robert J. (Robert Jefferson), 1800-1871 Breckinridge, William C. P. (William Campbell Preston), 1837-1904 Breeding Breeding. [from Old Catalog] Bremner, Robert Gunn, 1873-1914. [from Old Catalog] Brenham, Richard Fix, 1810-1843. [from Old Catalog] Brent, Charles Henry, 1862-1929 Brenton, Edward Pelham, 1774-1839 Brenton, Jahleel, Sir, 1770-1844 Breshko-Breshkovskaia, Ekaterina Konstantinovna Verigo, 1844-1934. [from Old Catalog] Bresnan, John James, 1841-1894 Bretenières, Just De, 1838-1866. [from Old Catalog] Brethren (Church Of The Brethren) -- Biography Breton Language Brevoort, Henry, 1782-1848 Brevoort, Henry, 1782-1848? Brevoort, James Carson, 1818-1887 Brewer, Edward Hamilton, 1842-1863 Brewer, Edward Hamilton, 1842-1863. [from Old Catalog] Brewer Family (John Brewer, Fl. 1642) [from Old Catalog] Brewing Brewing Industries Brewing Industry Brewster, William, 1560-1644.. [from Old Catalog] Brewster Family (William Brewster, 1566 Or 67?-1644) Brian, King Of Ireland, 926-1014 Bribery Brick, Abraham Lincoln, 1860-1908 Bricklaying Brickmaking Bricks Bridge, John, 1578?-1665? [from Old Catalog] Bridgeport (Conn.) -- Biography Bridgeport (Conn.) -- Centennial Celebrations, Etc Bridgeport (Conn.) -- History Bridgeport, Conn Bridgeport, Conn. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Bridges Bridges, Evelyn May, 1877-1894. [from Old Catalog] Bridges -- Connecticut River Bridges -- Connecticut River History 19th Century Bridges -- Foundations And Piers Bridges -- Illinois Bridges -- Massachusetts Boston Bridges -- Massachusetts Northampton Bridges -- New York (State) -- New York Bridges -- United States Bridgeton (N.J.) -- Description And Travel Bridgeton (N.J.) -- History Bridgewater ( N.H.) -- Guidebooks. [from Old Catalog] Bridgewater, Mass Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, Va Bridge Whist Bridge Whist. [from Old Catalog] Bridgton, Me. Soldiers' Monument. [from Old Catalog] Brigands And Robbers Briggs, Charles A. (Charles Augustus), 1841-1913 Briggs, Robert M., 1831-1869. [from Old Catalog] Briggs Family Brigham, Amarial, 1798-1849 Brigham, Thomas, 1603-1653 Brigham, William F., 1839-1865. [from Old Catalog] Brigham Family Bright's Disease Bright, Jesse D. (Jesse David), 1812-1875 Brilliant (Ship) Bringhurst Family (John Bringhurst, 1691-1750) [from Old Catalog] Brinley, Mary Goodrich (Frothingham), Mrs Brinton, John H. (John Hill), 1832-1907 Brion, Philippe De Chabot, Amiral De, Ca. 1492-1543 Brisk (Game) Brissot De Warville, J.-P. (Jacques-Pierre), 1754-1793 Brist (Game) Bristol (Conn.) Bristol (N.H.) -- Guidebooks Bristol (R.I. : Town) -- Antiquities Bristol, Conn Bristol, Frank Milton, Bp., 1851-1935 Bristol, R.I Bristol, R.I. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Bristol, R. I. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Bristol, Sherlock, 1815-1906 Bristow, Benjamin Helm, 1832-1896 British British -- Italy -- Sicily British Americans British And Foreign Bible Society British Antarctic ("Terra Nova") Expedition (1910-1913) British Guiana. [from Old Catalog] British In America British Isles British Museum. [from Old Catalog] British Women's Temperance Association Briton (Ship) Britons Broaddus, William F., 1801-1876 Broadway (New York, N.Y.) Broadway (New York, N.Y.) -- Pictorial Works Broca, Paul, 1824-1880. [from Old Catalog] Brock, Isaac, Sir, 1769-1812 Brock, Isaac, Sir, 1769-1812. [from Old Catalog] Brockett, John, 1609-1690 Brockett Family (John Brockett, 1609-1690) Brockton (Mass.) Broderick, David C. (David Colbreth), 1820-1859 Brodrick, David Colbreth, 1820-1859 Bromwell Family Bronchitis Bronsdon Family (Robert Bronsdon, 1638?-1701) [from Old Catalog] Bronson, Greene Carrier, 1789-1863. [from Old Catalog] Brontë, Charlotte, 1816-1855 Brontë, Emily, 1818-1848 Brontë Family Bronx (New York, N.Y.) Bronx (New York, N.Y.) -- Description And Travel Bronze Bronzes Bronzing Brooke, Rupert, 1887-1915 Brookes, James Hall, 1830-1897 Brookfield (Mass. : Town) -- Church History Brookfield (Mass. : Town) -- History Brookfield (N.H.) Brookfield, Mass Brookfield, Mass. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Brookfield, Mass. [from Old Catalog] Brookfield, William Henry, 1809-1874 Brookline (Mass.) Brookline (Mass.) -- Description And Travel Brookline (Mass.) -- History Brookline (Mass.) -- History Sources Brookline (N.H.) -- Genealogy Brookline (N.H.) -- History Brookline, Mass Brookline, Mass. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Brookline, Mass. -- History Societies. [from Old Catalog] Brookline, Mass. Walnut Street Cemetery Brooklyn Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.) -- Directories Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.) -- Guidebooks Brooklyn (Sloop Of War) Brooklyn, Calvary Cemetery. [from Old Catalog] Brooklyn -- Directories. [from Old Catalog] Brooklyn. Lincoln Statue. [from Old Catalog] Brooklyn. Prospect Park. [from Old Catalog] Brooklyn Children's Museum Brooklyn Female Academy Brooklyn Home For Consumptives. [from Old Catalog] Brooklyn Institute Surveying And Photographing Expedition To Italy. 1895. [from Old Catalog] Brooks, Charles, 1795-1872 Brooks, John, 1752-1825 Brooks, Joseph Brooks, Joseph, 1821-1877. [from Old Catalog] Brooks, Peter Chardon, 1767-1849 Brooks, Phillips, 1835-1893 Brooks, Phillips, Bp., 1835-1893 Brooks, Preston S. (Preston Smith), 1819-1857 Brooks Family Brooks Family. [from Old Catalog] Broom And Brush Industry Broome County (N.Y.) -- History Brooms And Brushes Bross, John Armstrong, 1826-1864 Bross, William, 1813-1890 Brotherhoods Brotherliness Brothers Brothers -- Fiction Brothers And Sisters Brough, John, 1811-1865. [from Old Catalog] Brougham And Vaux, Henry Brougham, Baron, 1778-1868 Broussard, Robert F., 1864-1918. [from Old Catalog] Browder Family Brower, Jacob Vradenburg, 1844-1905 Brown, Abel, 1810-1844 Brown, Abram Burwell, 1821-1885 Brown, Benjamin Gratz, 1826-1885 Brown, Benjamin Gratz, 1826-1885. [from Old Catalog] Brown, Catharine, 1800?-1823 Brown, Charles Brockden, 1771-1810 Brown, Daniel C., 1815?-1884. [from Old Catalog] Brown, Elmer Ellsworth, 1861- Brown, Ephraim, 1775-1845 Brown, Ford Madox, 1821-1893. [from Old Catalog] Brown, George Washington, 1820- Brown, George Washington, 1828- Brown, Henry Armitt, 1844-1878 Brown, James, 1800-1855. [from Old Catalog] Brown, John, 1744-1780 Brown, John, 1744-1780. [from Old Catalog] Brown, John, 1800-1859 Brown, John, 1800-1859. [from Old Catalog] Brown, John, 1810-1882 Brown, Joseph Emerson, 1821-1894 Brown, Moses, 1742-1804 Brown, Nicholas, 1769-1841. [from Old Catalog] Brown, Ralph Isham, 1810 Or 11-1833 Brown, Richard, Sir, Bart, 1801-1858. [from Old Catalog] Brown, Ryland Thomas, 1807-1890 Brown, Samuel Gilman, 1813-1885 Brown, Silas Brown, Wilbur Fisk Brown, William, Fl. 1772 Brown, William Gay, 1856-1916. [from Old Catalog] Brown, William Ide, 1839-1865. [from Old Catalog] Browne, Abigail, 1719-1729 Browne, Charles Farrar, 1834-1867. [from Old Catalog] Browne, Frederick W Browne, George Huntington, 1818-1885 Browne, John White, 1810-1860. [from Old Catalog] Browne, Thomas McLellan, 1830-1891 Brownell, Henry Howard, 1820-1872 Brown Family Brown Family. [from Old Catalog] Brownfields Brownfields -- United States Browning, Elizabeth Barrett, 1806-1861 Browning, Robert, 1812-1889 Browning, William John, 1850-1920. [from Old Catalog] Brownlow, Walter Preston, 1851-1910. [from Old Catalog] Browntail Moth Brown University Brown University. [from Old Catalog] Bruce, Michael, 1746-1767 Bruce, Roscoe Conkling, 1879-1950 Bruce Family Brumbaugh, Martin Grove, 1862- Brummell, Beau, 1778-1840 Bruno, Giordano, 1548-1600 Brunson, Alfred, 1793-1882. [from Old Catalog] Brunswick (Me.) -- Church History Brunswick-Lüneburg, House Of Brush Family Brush Family. [from Old Catalog] Bruton Parish Church (Williamsburg, Va.) Brutus, Decimus Junius, Surnamed Albinus, 85 (ca.)-43 B.C Brutus, Marcus Junius, 85?-42 B.C Bryan, George, 1731-1791 Bryan, Jonathan, 1708-1788 Bryan, William Evermont Bryan, William G., 1822-1867. [from Old Catalog] Bryan, William Jennings, 1860-1925 Bryan, William Jennings, 1860-1925. [from Old Catalog] Bryant, John E. [from Old Catalog] Bryant, William Cullen, 1794-1878 Bryant Family Bryce, James, Viscount, 1838- [from Old Catalog] Brydges, Egerton, Sir, 1762-1837 Bryozoa, Fossil Buccaneers Buccaneers. [from Old Catalog] Buchanan, Claudius, 1766-1815 Buchanan, Claudius, 1766-1816 Buchanan, James, 1791-1868 Buchanan, James A Buchanan, John, 1743-1822 Buck Family (Emanuel Buck, Fl. 1669) [from Old Catalog] Buck Family (Samuel Buck, 1734-1810) [from Old Catalog] Buckfield (Me.) Buckingham, George Villiers, Duke Of, 1592-1628 Buckingham, William A. (William Alfred), 1804-1875 Buckingham, William Alfred, 1804-1875. [from Old Catalog] Buckland (Mass.) -- History Buckle, Henry Thomas, 1821-1862 Buckminster, J. S. (Joseph Stevens), 1784-1812 Buckminster, Joseph, 1751-1812 Bucknell University Buckner, James Dysart Monroe, 1855- Buckner, Robert Cooke, 1833- Buckner Family Buckshot War, Harrisburg, Pa., 1838 Bucquoy, Jean Albert D'Archambaud, Comte De, 1660 (ca)-1740. [from Old Catalog] Buddha And Buddhism Buddhism Buddhist Ethics Budget Budget -- United States Budget. [from Old Catalog] Buell, Don Carlos, 1818-1898 Buelna, Pero Niño, Conde De, Approximately 1379-approximately 1453 Buena Vista, Battle Of, Mexico, 1847 Buffalo (N.Y.) -- History Buffalo (N.Y.). Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church. [from Old Catalog] Buffalo. Superior Court. [from Old Catalog] Buffalo Bill's Wild West Company Buffalo Bill, 1846-1917 Buffalo Fine Arts Academy Buffalo Historical Society (Buffalo, N.Y.) Buffalo Public Library (Buffalo, N.Y.) Buffalo Seminary. [from Old Catalog] Buffalo Society Of Natural Sciences Building Building, Bombproof Building, Iron And Steel Building, Iron And Steel -- Tables Building, Wooden Building -- Accidents Building -- Estimates Building -- Tables Building Inspection Building Laws Building Laws -- New York (State) -- New York Building Laws -- Ohio Building Materials Buildings Buildings -- Tables Building Sites Building Stones Building Stones -- Kentucky Building Stones. [from Old Catalog] Building Trades Bulbs (Plants) Bulfinch, Susan (Apthorp), Mrs., 1734?-1815. [from Old Catalog] Bulfinch, Thomas, 1796-1867 Bulfinch Street Church (Boston, Mass.) Bulgaria -- Description And Travel Bull, Jireh, D. 1684 Bull, John, 1731-1824. [from Old Catalog] Bull, John, Pseud. [from Old Catalog] Bull, Ole, 1810-1880 Bulloch, Archibald, 1730-1777. [from Old Catalog] Bulloch Family (Archibald Bulloch, 1730-1777) [from Old Catalog] Bullock, Rufus B. (Rufus Brown), 1834-1907 Bull Run, 1st Battle Of, Va., 1861 Bull Run, 2nd Battle Of, Va., 1862 Bulnes Prieto, Manuel, 1799-1866 Bumppo, Natty (Fictitious Character) Bumpus, Edward Avery, 1875-1901. [from Old Catalog] Bumpus, Everett Chauncey, 1872-1901. [from Old Catalog] Buncombe, Edward, 1742-1778. [from Old Catalog] Bungalows Bunker Hill, Battle Of, Boston, Mass., 1775 Bunker Hill Monument (Boston, Mass.) Bunker Hill Monument (Boston, Mass.) -- Guidebooks Bunker Hill Monument. [from Old Catalog] Bunker Hill Monument Association Bunnell, Lafayette Houghton, 1824-1903. [from Old Catalog] Bunner, H. C. (Henry Cuyler), 1855-1896 Bunsen, Christian Karl Josias, Freiherr Von, 1791-1860 Bunting, Jabez, 1779-1858 Buntline, Ned, 1822 Or 3-1886 Bunyan, John, 1628-1688 Bunyan, John 1628-1688 Bunyan, Paul (Legendary Character) Buoyant Ascent (Hydrodynamics) Burbank, Luther, 1849-1926 Burbank, Luther, 1849- [from Old Catalog] Burbot Burbridge, Stephen Gano, 1831-1894. [from Old Catalog] Burden Of Proof Bureau Of Philanthropic Research, New York. [from Old Catalog] Burford, Eng. (Oxfordshire) Burger, Elise (Hahn), 1769-1833. [from Old Catalog] Burges, Tristam, 1770-1853 Burges, Tristam, 1770-1853. [from Old Catalog] Burgess, Edward, 1848-1891. [from Old Catalog] Burgess, Thomas, 1756-1837 Burghley, William Cecil, Baron, 1520-1598 Burgis, William, Fl. 1722-1736. [from Old Catalog] Burgoyne's Invasion, 1777 Burgoyne's Invasion, 1777. [from Old Catalog] Burgoyne, John, 1722-1792 Burial Burial Hill (Plymouth, Mass.) Burial Laws Burial Laws -- Alabama Burial Laws -- Wyoming Burk, Henry, 1850-1903 Burk, John, D. 1808 Burk, John Junius, 1800?-1866 Burke, Edmund, 1729-1797 Burke, William, D. 1798 Burleigh, William Henry, 1812-1871 Burleson, Rufus Columbus, 1823-1901. [from Old Catalog] Burlesques Burlingame, Anson, 1820-1870 Burlingame, Anson, 1820-1870. [from Old Catalog] Burlington (Conn.) -- History Burlington (N.J.) -- History Burlington, N.J. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Burlington College, Burlington, N.J. [from Old Catalog] Burlington County (N.J.) -- History Burlington County (N.J.) -- Social Life And Customs Burlington Strike, 1888. [from Old Catalog] Burnes, Alexander, Sir, 1805-1841 Burnes, David, D. 1799. [from Old Catalog] Burnes Cottage, Washington, D.C. [from Old Catalog] Burnet, David Gouverneur, 1789-1870 Burnet, William, 1688-1729. [from Old Catalog] Burnett, John L. (John Lawson), 1854-1919 Burney, Fanny, 1752-1840 Burnham, Jonas, 1798-1889. [from Old Catalog] Burnouf, Jean Louis, 1775-1844. [from Old Catalog] Burns, Anthony, 1834-1862 Burns, John L., 1794-1872 Burns, Otway, 1775-1850. [from Old Catalog] Burns, Robert, 1759-1796 Burnside, Ambrose Everett, 1824-1881 Burr, Aaron, 1716-1757 Burr, Aaron, 1756-1836 Burr, Aaron, 1756-1836. [from Old Catalog] Burr, Daniel, 1749-1828 Burr, Esther (Edwards) Mrs. 1732?-1758 Burr, Heman Merrick, 1785-1872. [from Old Catalog] Burr, James E Burr, James E. [from Old Catalog] Burr, William Henry, 1819-1908 Burrage, Joseph Perrin, 1842-1863. [from Old Catalog] Burr Conspiracy, 1805-1807 Burr Conspiracy, 1805-1807 -- Fiction Burr Conspiracy, 1805-1807. [from Old Catalog] Burr Family Burr Family (Jehue Burr, D 1672) [from Old Catalog] Burrington, George, D. 1759 Burritt, Elihu, 1810-1879 Burr Mansion (Fairfield, Conn.) Burroughs, Charles, 1787-1868. [from Old Catalog] Burroughs, John, 1837-1921 Burrows, Julius Caesar, 1837-1915. [from Old Catalog] Burrows, Julius Cæsar, 1837-1915 Burton, Emma Beatrice Burton, Theodore E. (Theodore Elijah), 1851-1929 Burton, Thomas William, 1860- Burton Upon Trent (England) -- Description And Travel Burton Upon Trent (England) -- History Busey, Samuel C. (Samuel Clagett), 1828-1901 Bush, George, 1796-1859 Bush, William S., 1786-1812. [from Old Catalog] Bushnell, Cornelius Scranton, 1829-1896. [from Old Catalog] Bushnell, Horace, 1802-1876 Bushnell, Horace, 1802-1876. [from Old Catalog] Bushnell, William Chauncey, 1804-1831. [from Old Catalog] Bushrangers Business Business Cycles Business Education Business Education -- Periodicals Business Ethics Business Law Business Mathematics Businessmen Businesspeople Business Records Bussolari, Jacopo Dé, D.1360? Busteed, Richard, 1822-1898 Butchers Butler, Benjamin F. (Benjamin Franklin), 1818-1893 Butler, Benjamin Franklin, 1795-1858. [from Old Catalog] Butler, Charles, 1750-1832 Butler, Joseph, 1692-1752 Butler, Nicholas Murray, 1862-1947 Butler, Pierce, 1807-1867 Butler, Samuel, 1612-1680 Butler, Samuel, 1774-1839 Butler, William, 1759-1821 Butler, William Orlando, 1791-1880 Butler, William Orlando, 1793-1880. [from Old Catalog] Butler Family Butler Family. [from Old Catalog] Butler University Butt, Archibald Willingham, 1865-1912. [from Old Catalog] Buttafuoco, Matteo, 1730-1800. [from Old Catalog] Butte (Mont.) Butter Butterflies Butter Trade Butyl Methyl Ether Butz Family. [from Old Catalog] Buxton (Derbyshire, England) -- Guidebooks Buxton, Me Buxton, Thomas Fowell, Sir, 1786-1845 Bu˜chner, Ludwig, 1824-1899 Büdinger, Max, 1828-1902 By A Member Of The Hickory Club. [from Old Catalog] Byers, Peter Smith, 1827-1856 Byliny Byram Family (Nicholas Byram, 1610-1688) [from Old Catalog] Byrant, William Cullen, 1794-1878. [from Old Catalog] Byrd Family Byron, Anne Isabella Milbanke Byron, Baroness, 1792-1860 Byron, George Gordon Byron, Baron, 1788-1824 Byron, George Gordon Byron, Baron 1788-1824 Byron, George Gordon Byron. Baron, 1788-1824 Byron Family Byzantine Empire -- History Byzantine Literature Bôcher, Ferdinand, 1832-1902 Böhm-Bawerk, Eugen Von, 1851-1914 Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624 Büchner, Ludwig, 1824-1899. [from Old Catalog] C., E. H. [from Old Catalog] C.S. Military Prison, Macon, Ga Cabala Caballero, Fernán, 1796-1877 Cabbage Cabbage. [from Old Catalog] Cabinet Officers Cabinet Officers (United States) [from Old Catalog] Cabinet Officers (United States.) [from Old Catalog] Cabinet Officers -- United States Cabinet Officers -- United States. [from Old Catalog] Cabinet System Cabinetwork Cables Cables, Submarine Cabot, George, 1751-1823. [from Old Catalog] Cabot, John, -1498? Cabot, John, D. 1498? Cabot, Sebastian, 1474-1557 Cabot, Sebastian, Approximately 1474-1557 Cacao. [from Old Catalog] Cactus Cactus. [from Old Catalog] Cactus As Feed. [from Old Catalog] Cadaval, Nuno Caetano Álvares Pereira De Melo, Duque De, 1799-1837 Caddo Indians Caddo Indians -- Folklore Cade's Rebellion, 1450 Cadillac, Antoine Laumet De Lamothe, 1658-1730 Cadwalader, George, 1806-1879 Cadwalader, Lambert, 1742-1823. [from Old Catalog] Caerleon (Wales) -- Antiquities, Roman Caesar, Julius Caesar, Julius -- Juvenile Fiction Caesar, Julius -- Military Leadership Caffeine Cage Birds Cagliostro, Alessandro, Conte Di, 1743-1795 Cahaba, Ala Cahuilla Indians Caillet, Louis E. (Louis Eugene), 1832-1897 Cairn Terriers Cajanello, Anna Carlotta Leffler Edgren, Duchessa Di, 1849-1892 Cajuns Cake Calais Parent-teacher Association. [from Old Catalog] Calamity Jane, 1856-1903 Calandrini, Julie Pelissary, Fl. 1695-1729 Calcium. [from Old Catalog] Calcium Carbonate Calcium In Human Nutrition Calculators Calculus Calculus, Integral Caldas Aulete, Francisco Julio, D. 1879 Calderón De La Barca, Madame (Frances Erskine Inglis), 1804?-1882 Calderón De La Barca, Pedro, 1600-1681 Caldwell, Alexander, 1830-1917 Caldwell, David, 1725-1824 Caldwell, James, 1734-1781 Caldwell, N.J. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Caldwell, Sallie Kitchen, 1831-1855 Caldwell, Zenas, 1800-1826 Caledonia (Brig) Caledonia (Brig) [from Old Catalog] Calendar Calendar Reform Calendars Calhoun, John C. (John Caldwell), 1782-1850 Calhoun, Patrick, 1856- [from Old Catalog] Calhoun Family Calhoun Monument (Charleston, S.C.) California California (Steamship) California, Southern -- Description And Travel California, Southern -- Environmental Conditions California -- Description And Travel California -- Gold Discoveries -- Fiction California -- History California -- History 1846-1850 Speeches In Congress California -- Imprints California -- Pictorial Works California -- Politics And Government California -- Politics And Government. [from Old Catalog] California -- Politics And Government 1846-1850 Speeches In Congress California -- Social Life And Customs California -- Social Life And Customs. [from Old Catalog] California. Militia. [from Old Catalog] California. Pomology California. State Council Of Defense California. University. [from Old Catalog] California Avocado Association California Development Company California Historical Survey Commission California Historical Survey Commission. War History Dept California Infantry. 7th Reg., 1898 California Promotion Committee, San Francisco California Redwood Park. [from Old Catalog] California Silk Culture Association California State Fair And Exposition California State Polytechnic College (San Luis Obispo) Caliphs Calisthenics Calkins, Harvey Reeves, 1866-1941 Calkins, Matthew. [from Old Catalog] Calkins Family (Hugh Calkin, 1600-1690) Call, Wilkinson, 1834-1910 Callander (Scotland) -- Description And Travel Calligraphy Callimachus Calorimeters Calorimeters And Calorimetry Calorimeters And Calorimetry. [from Old Catalog] Calorimetry Calumet And Hecla Mining Company Calvert, Leonard, 1606?-1647. [from Old Catalog] Calvert Family Calves Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564 Calvin College Calvinism Cambon, Jules, 1845-1935 Cambreleng, Churchill Caldom, 1786-1862 Cambridge (Mass.) Cambridge (Mass.) -- Biography Cambridge (Mass.) -- Church History Cambridge (Mass.) -- Description And Travel Cambridge (Mass.) -- Genealogy Cambridge (Mass.) -- Guidebooks Cambridge (Mass.) -- History Cambridge (Mass.) -- History 1635-1829 Cambridge (Mass.) -- History Civil War, 1861-1865 Cambridge (Mass.) -- History Periodicals Cambridge (Mass.) -- History Sources Cambridge, Mass. -- Biography. [from Old Catalog] Cambridge, Mass. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Cambridge, Mass. -- History Revolution. [from Old Catalog] Cambridge, Mass. Bridge Statue. [from Old Catalog] Cambridge, Mass. Longfellow Memorial Cambridge, Mass. Soldiers' Monument Cambridge, Mass. [from Old Catalog] Cambridge Copper Company, Guilford Co., N.C. [from Old Catalog] Cambridge Historical Society. [from Old Catalog] Cambridge University Library Camden (Me.) -- Description And Travel Camden (N.J.) -- Buildings, Structures, Etc Camden (N.J.) -- History Camden (N.J.) -- Politics And Government Camden, Battle Of, Camden, S.C., 1780 Camden, Me. Conway Memorial Boulder. [from Old Catalog] Camden, N.J. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Camden County (N.J.) -- Biography Camden County (N.J.) -- Genealogy Camden County (N.J.) -- History Camden County (N.J.) -- Politics And Government Camden County Historical Society Camelford, Thomas Pitt, Baron, 1737-1793 Camellias Camembert Cheese Cameron, James Donald, 1833-1918. [from Old Catalog] Cameron, Simon, 1799-1889 Cameron, Simon, 1799-1889. [from Old Catalog] Camillus, Marcus Furius, D. B.C. 365 Cammann, George P. (George Philip), 1804-1863 Camoes, Luís De, 1524?-1580 Camouflage (Military Science) Camões, Luiz De, 1524?-1580 Camões, Luís De, 1524?-1580 Campaign Biography Campaign Funds Campaign Funds -- Maine Campaign Literature Campaign Literature, 1802 Campaign Literature, 1804 Campaign Literature, 1804 -- Republican New Hampshire. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1805 Campaign Literature, 1806 Campaign Literature, 1807 Campaign Literature, 1808 Campaign Literature, 1812 Campaign Literature, 1812 -- Democratic-Republican Campaign Literature, 1812 -- Democratic-Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1812 -- Democratic Pennsylvania. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1812 -- Federal Campaign Literature, 1812 -- Federal. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1816 -- Federal Connecticut. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1816 -- Federalist. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1817 Campaign Literature, 1822 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1823 Campaign Literature, 1823 -- Adams. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1823 -- Calhoun. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1823 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1823 -- Jackson. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1824 Campaign Literature, 1824 -- Jackson Campaign Literature, 1824 -- Jackson. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1824 -- People's New York (State) Campaign Literature, 1824. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1827 -- National Republican Campaign Literature, 1827 -- National Republican Kentucky. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1827 -- National Republican Pennsylvania Campaign Literature, 1828 Campaign Literature, 1828 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1828 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1828 -- National Republican Campaign Literature, 1828 -- National Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1828 -- National Republican Pennsylvania. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1828 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1829 Campaign Literature, 1829 -- National-Republican Rhode Island. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1829 -- Republican Rhode Island. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1831 Campaign Literature, 1831 -- Democratic Rhode Island. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1831 -- National Republican Rhode Island Campaign Literature, 1832 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1832 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1832 -- National Republican Campaign Literature, 1832 -- National Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1834 -- Whig. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1836 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1836 -- Whig. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1838 Campaign Literature, 1838 -- Whig Campaign Literature, 1839 Campaign Literature, 1840 Campaign Literature, 1840 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1840 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1840 -- Whig Campaign Literature, 1840 -- Whig. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1840 -- Whig Virginia Campaign Literature, 1840- Campaign Literature, 1842 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1842 -- Whig. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1842 -- Whig New York (State) New York Campaign Literature, 1843 Campaign Literature, 1843 -- Democratic Tennessee. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1843 -- Whig. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1844 Campaign Literature, 1844 -- American Campaign Literature, 1844 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1844 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1844 -- Democratic Ohio. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1844 -- Liberty Party. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1844 -- Whig Campaign Literature, 1844 -- Whig. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1844 -- Whig Georgia. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1845 -- Whig. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1846 -- Whig Massachusetts Campaign Literature, 1848 Campaign Literature, 1848 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1848 -- Free Soil. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1848 -- Liberty League Campaign Literature, 1848 -- Whig Campaign Literature, 1848 -- Whig. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1849 -- Democratic New York. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1851 Campaign Literature, 1851 -- Democratic Mississippi. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1852 Campaign Literature, 1852 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1852 -- Union Whig Campaign Literature, 1852 -- Whig. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1853 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1854 -- Republican Massachusetts Campaign Literature, 1855 Campaign Literature, 1855 -- Republican Ohio. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1856 Campaign Literature, 1856 -- American Campaign Literature, 1856 -- American. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1856 -- American Party Campaign Literature, 1856 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1856 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1856 -- Democratic Pennsylvania. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1856 -- Republican Campaign Literature, 1856 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1856- Campaign Literature, 1857 -- Democratic Minnesota Campaign Literature, 1857 -- Democratic Pennsylvania. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1858 Campaign Literature, 1858 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1858 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1859 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1860 Campaign Literature, 1860 -- Constitutional Union Campaign Literature, 1860 -- Constitutional Union. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1860 -- Constitutional Union Massachusetts. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1860 -- Constitutional Union New York (State) [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1860 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1860 -- Democratic (Northern) Campaign Literature, 1860 -- Democratic (Northern) [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1860 -- Democratic (Southern) [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1860 -- Democratic, Southern. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1860 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1860 -- Democratic Massachusetts. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1860 -- Free Constitutionalists. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1860 -- Republican Campaign Literature, 1860 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1861 Campaign Literature, 1861 -- Democratic New York (State) Campaign Literature, 1861 -- Democratic Pennsylvania. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1862 Campaign Literature, 1862 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1862 -- Democratic New York (State) Campaign Literature, 1862 -- Democratic Wisconsin. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1862 -- Republican New York (State) Campaign Literature, 1862 -- Republican New York (State) [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1863 Campaign Literature, 1863 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1863 -- Democratic New York Campaign Literature, 1863 -- Democratic Pennsylvania Campaign Literature, 1863 -- Democratic Pennsylvania. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1863 -- Democratic Wisconsin. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1863 -- Republican Campaign Literature, 1863 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1863 -- Republican Pennsylvania Campaign Literature, 1864 Campaign Literature, 1864 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1864 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1864 -- Democratic Pennsylvania. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1864 -- Republican Campaign Literature, 1864 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1864 -- Republican New Hampshire. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1864 -- Republican Pennsylvania Campaign Literature, 1865 Campaign Literature, 1865 -- Republican New Jersey. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1865 -- Republican Pennsylvania. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1866 -- Democratic Indiana. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1866 -- National Union. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1866-Republican Campaign Literature, 1867 Campaign Literature, 1867 -- Democratic Connecticut. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1867 -- Republican Pennsylvania Campaign Literature, 1867-Republican Campaign Literature, 1868 Campaign Literature, 1868 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1868 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1868 -- Republican Campaign Literature, 1868 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1868 -- Republican Pennsylvania. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1868-Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1868. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1870 Campaign Literature, 1870 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1870 -- Democratic Ohio. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1870 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1870 -- Republican New York (State) [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1870 -- Republican Ohio. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1871 Campaign Literature, 1871 -- Republican Ohio. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1871-Republican -- Ohio. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1872 Campaign Literature, 1872 -- Decmocratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1872 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1872 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1872 -- Liberal Republican Campaign Literature, 1872 -- Liberal Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1872 -- Republican Campaign Literature, 1872 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1874 Campaign Literature, 1874 -- Democratic West Virginia. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1874 -- Republican Campaign Literature, 1875 Campaign Literature, 1875 -- Democratic Ohio. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1875 -- Prohibition. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1876 Campaign Literature, 1876 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1876 -- Republican Campaign Literature, 1876 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1877 Campaign Literature, 1878 Campaign Literature, 1879 -- Democratic And Greenback Massachusetts. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1879 -- Republican Ohio. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1880 Campaign Literature, 1880 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1880 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1880 -- Republican Campaign Literature, 1880 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1882 Campaign Literature, 1884 Campaign Literature, 1884 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1884 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1884 -- Republican Campaign Literature, 1884 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1884. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1888 Campaign Literature, 1888 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1888 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1890 Campaign Literature, 1891 Campaign Literature, 1892 Campaign Literature, 1892 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1892 -- People's Party. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1894 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1896 Campaign Literature, 1896 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1896 -- Populist. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1896 -- Republican Campaign Literature, 1896 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1896. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1898 Campaign Literature, 1898 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1900 Campaign Literature, 1900 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1900 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1900 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1900-Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1900. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1902 Campaign Literature, 1902 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1904 Campaign Literature, 1904 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1904 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1906 Campaign Literature, 1908 Campaign Literature, 1908 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1910 Campaign Literature, 1912 Campaign Literature, 1912 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1912. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1914 Campaign Literature, 1915 Campaign Literature, 1916 Campaign Literature, 1916 -- Democratic Campaign Literature, 1916 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1916 -- Progressive. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1916 -- Republican Campaign Literature, 1916 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1920 Campaign Literature, 1920 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1920 -- Republican Campaign Literature, 1920 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1922 Campaign Literature, 1922 -- Republican Massachusetts. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature, 1968 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature -- 1864 Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature -- 1864 Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Literature -- New York (State) New York Campaign Literature -- United States Campaign Songs Campaign Songs, 1842 -- Whig Campaign Songs, 1842 -- Whig. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Songs, 1844 -- Whig Campaign Songs, 1848 -- Free Soil. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Songs, 1864 Campaign Songs, 1867 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Songs, 1868 Campaign Songs, 1880 -- Democratic. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Songs, 1884 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Songs, 1884-Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Songs, 1892 Campaign Songs, 1896 -- Republican. [from Old Catalog] Campaign Songs -- United States Campaign Songs -- United States 19th Century Campaign Speeches, 1876 -- Democratic Camp Alger, Ga. [from Old Catalog] Campan, Mme (Jeanne-Louise-Henriette), 1752-1822 Campbell's Island, Battle Of, Ill., 1814 Campbell's Station, Tenn., Battle Of, 1863 Campbell, Alexander, 1788-1866 Campbell, Archibald, Sir, 1739-1791 Campbell, Duncan, 1680?-1730. [from Old Catalog] Campbell, Jacob Miller, 1821-1888. [from Old Catalog] Campbell, James Valentine, 1823-1890 Campbell, Lewis Davis, 1811-1882. [from Old Catalog] Campbell, Mary, 1764-1786 Campbell, Roderick, 1842- Campbell, Thomas, 1763-1854 Campbell, Walter L. (Walter Lowrie), 1842-1905 Campbell, William, 1745-1781 Campbell, William, 1745-1781. [from Old Catalog] Campbell Family (James Campbell, 1805-1862) [from Old Catalog] Campbell Family (Robert Campbell, 1673-1725) Campbell Family. [from Old Catalog] Campbell Institute Camp Chase (Ohio) Camp Fire Girls Campfire Programs Camp Groce Campine Chicken Camping Camping -- Fiction Camp Meade, Pa. [from Old Catalog] Campo-Formio, Peace Of, 1797. [from Old Catalog] Campo Grande, Battle Of, Paraguay, 1869 Campolongo, Emanuele, 1732-1801. [from Old Catalog] Camp Randall Camp Rotary, Elmore Co., Ala. [from Old Catalog] Campton (N.H.) -- History Cams Camões, Luiz De, 1524?-1580 Canada Canada -- Annexation. [from Old Catalog] Canada -- Biography Canada -- Boundaries Maine Canada -- Boundaries United States Canada -- Commerce United States Canada -- Description And Travel Canada -- Economic Conditions -- 1918-1945 Canada -- Emigration And Immigration Canada -- Foreign Relations United States Canada -- Guidebooks Canada -- History -- To 1763 (New France) -- Fiction Canada -- History 19th Century Canada -- History 1763-1867 Canada -- History 1763-1867. [from Old Catalog] Canada -- History To 1763 (New France) Sources Canada -- Militia Canada -- Politics And Government 1791-1841. [from Old Catalog] Canada -- Relations United States Canada -- Social Conditions Canada. Canadian Army. Canadian Expeditionary Force Canadian Invasion, 1775-1776 Canadian Literature Canadian Pacific Railway. [from Old Catalog] Canadian Pacific Railway Company Canadian Poetry Canadians -- Massachusetts Canadians -- United States Canadian Wit And Humor Canals Canals, Interoceanic Canals -- Maryland Canals -- New York Canals -- New York (State) Canals -- New York (State) Finance Canals -- New York (State) History Canals -- New York. [from Old Catalog] Canals -- Ohio Canals -- United States. [from Old Catalog] Canals -- Washington (D.C.) Canals -- Washington (State) -- Seattle Canandaigua (N.Y.) Canaries Canaries. [from Old Catalog] Cancer Candia (N.H. : Town) -- Biography Candia, N.H. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Canines, Russia Canisius, Theodor Canker (Plant Disease) Cannae, Battle Of, Italy, 216 B.C Canned Fish Industry Canned Foods Canned Foods Industry Canned Salmon Canned Tomatoes Cannel Coal Cannes (France) -- Description And Travel Cannibalism Canning, George, 1770-1827 Canning, George, 1770-1827. [from Old Catalog] Canning And Preserving Cannon, Harriet Starr, 1823-1896 Cannon, Joseph Gurney, 1836-1926 Canoes And Canoeing Canoes And Canoeing. [from Old Catalog] Canonicus, Indian Sachem, D. 1643 Canonization Canon Law Canova, Antonio, 1757-1822 Cant Canterbury (N.H.) -- Genealogy Canterbury (N.H.) -- History Canterbury Cathedral Canterbury Cathedral. [from Old Catalog] Canticles Canton (Conn. : Town) -- History Canton (Mass.) -- History Canton (Mass.) -- Seal Canton (Me.) Canton Center (Conn.) -- Biography Canton Center, Conn. Congregational Church Cantonese Dialects Canute I, King Of England, 995?-1035 Cape Breton Island (N.S.) Cape Cod (Mass.) -- Description And Travel Cape Cod (Mass.) -- Fiction Cape Cod Harbor. [from Old Catalog] Cape May County (N.J.) Cape May County (N.J.) -- Biography Cape May County (N.J.) -- Description And Travel Cape May County (N.J.) -- Genealogy Cape May County (N.J.) -- History Cape May Point (N.J.) Capers, William, 1790-1855 Capers Family Caperton, Allen Taylor, 1810-1876 Capewell Family. [from Old Catalog] Capital Capitalism Capitalists And Financiers Capitalists And Financiers -- United States Capitals (Cities) [from Old Catalog] Capitol Pages Capons And Caponizing Capron, Samuel Mills, 1832-1874 Capstick, John Henry, 1856-1918. [from Old Catalog] Capture At Sea Carbonated Beverages Carbon Dioxide Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide Detectors Card Games Cardigan, Mount (N.H.) Cardinals Cardinal Virtues Carding-machines Cards. [from Old Catalog] Cardsharping Card System In Business Card Tricks Card Tricks. [from Old Catalog] Carey, Henry Charles, 1793-1879 Carey, John L Carey, Mathew, 1760-1839 Carey, Mathew, 1760-1839, [from Old Catalog] Carey, Mathew, 1760-1839. [from Old Catalog] Carib Indians Caribou Caribou (Me.). Superintendent Of Schools Caricature Caricatures And Cartoons Caricatures And Cartoons -- Connecticut New Haven. [from Old Catalog] Caricatures And Cartoons -- Maine Portland. [from Old Catalog] Caricatures And Cartoons -- Massachusetts Worcester Caricatures And Cartoons -- New Jersey Newark Caricatures And Cartoons -- United States. [from Old Catalog] Carillons Carl August, Grand Duke Of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, 1757-1828 Carleton's Invasion, 1776 Carleton, Mary, 1642?-1673 Carleton College (Northfield, Minn.) Carlisle (Mass. : Town) -- Biography Carlisle (Mass. : Town) -- Church History Carlisle (Mass. : Town) -- History Carlisle (Pa.). First Presbyterian Church Carlisle, George William Frederick Howard, Earl Of, 1802-1864 Carlisle, James Henry, 1825-1909 Carlisle, Pa. Indian Industrial School. [from Old Catalog] Carlos, Prince Of Asturias, 1545-1568 Carlos, Prince Of Bourbon, 1788-1855 Carlota, Empress, Consort Of Maximilian, Emperor Of Mexico, 1840-1927 Carlstadt, N.J. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Carlyle, James, 1757?-1832 Carlyle, James 1757?-1832. [from Old Catalog] Carlyle, Jane Welsh, 1801-1866 Carlyle, Thomas, 1795-1881 Carmack, Edward Ward, 1858-1908 Carmelites Carmichael, Richard Bennett, 1807-1884. [from Old Catalog] Carnahan, James, 1775-1859 Carnarvon Castle. [from Old Catalog] Carnations Carnegie, Andrew, 1837- [from Old Catalog] Carnegie Foundation For The Advancement Of Teaching Carnegie Foundation For The Advancement Of Teaching. [from Old Catalog] Carnegie Institution, Washington, D.C. Bureau Of Historical Research. [from Old Catalog] Carnegie Institution, Washington D.C. [from Old Catalog] Carnegie Steel Company Carney, Mabel Carney Family (Mark Carney, 1740?-1782) [from Old Catalog] Carnival Carnivora Carnivora. [from Old Catalog] Carnotite Carolina Carolina Maria, Queen Consort Of Ferdinand I, King Of The Two Sicilies, 1762-1814. [from Old Catalog] Caroline (Steamer) Caroline, Mother, 1824-1892 Caroline, Queen, Consort Of George IV, King Of Great Britain, 1768-1821 Caroline County (Va.) -- Politics And Government Carols Carols, English Carols, German Carols. [from Old Catalog] Caron, René Édouard, 1800?-1876 Carp. [from Old Catalog] Carpenter, Edward, 1844-1929 Carpenter, Francis Bicknell, 1830- [from Old Catalog] Carpenter, John, 1370?-1441? Carpenter, Matthew H. (Matthew Hale), 1824-1881 Carpenter, Seymour D. (Seymour David), 1826?- Carpenter Family Carpenter Family (William Carpenter, 1576-1659) [from Old Catalog] Carpenters Carpenters' Company Of The City And County Of Philadelphia Carpenters' Hall (Philadelphia, Pa.) Carpenters' Square Carpentry Carpentry -- Handbooks, Manuals, Etc Carpets Carpets. [from Old Catalog] Carr, Franklin, B. 1846 Carranza, Venustiano, 1859-1920 Carranza, Venustiano., President, Mexico, 1859-1920. [from Old Catalog] Carrara Family Carr Family Carriage And Wagon Making Carriage And Wagon Making. [from Old Catalog] Carriage And Wagon Painting Carriage And Wagon Painting. [from Old Catalog] Carriage Industry Carriages And Carts Carriages And Carts. [from Old Catalog] Carrie Caldwell (Steamer) [from Old Catalog] Carrier Language Carrier State (Communicable Diseases) Carrière, Moriz, 1817-1895. [from Old Catalog] Carroll, Anna Ella, 1815-1894 Carroll, Anna Ella, 1815-1894. [from Old Catalog] Carroll, Benajah Harvey, 1843-1915. [from Old Catalog] Carroll, Charles, 1737-1832 Carroll, Charles, 1737-1832. [from Old Catalog] Carroll, John, Abp., 1735-1815. [from Old Catalog] Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898 Carroll County (N.H.) Carroll County (N.H.) -- History Carroll Familly Carroll Family Carrots Carson, Christopher, 1809-1868. [from Old Catalog] Carson, Kit, 1809-1868 Carstaires, John, 1623-1686. [from Old Catalog] Carstaires Family. [from Old Catalog] Carstares, William, 1649-1715 Carter, James Gordon, 1795-1849 Carter, John (Fictitious Character) -- Fiction Carter, Lorenzo, 1767-1814 Carter, Melissa Booth, 1845- Carter, Robert, 1807-1889 Carter, Robert Goldthwaite, 1845-1936 Carter, Samuel Powhatan, 1819-1891 Carter, Thomas, Slave Carter, Thomas, Slave. [from Old Catalog] Carter Family Carter Family (Giles Carter, 1634-1699?) Carthage (Extinct City) Cartier, Jacques, 1491-1557 Cartier, Jacques, 1494-1552. [from Old Catalog] Cartographers Cartography Cartularies Cartwright, Peter, 1785-1872 Carty, John J. (John Joseph), 1861-1932 Carver (Mass. : Town) -- History Carver, Jonathan, 1732-1780 Carver, Jonathan, D. 1780 Carver, Jonathan, D. 1780. [from Old Catalog] Carving (Meat, Etc.) Carving (Meat, Etc.) [from Old Catalog] Cary, Alice, 1820-1871 Cary, Alice, 1820-1871. [from Old Catalog] Cary, Phbe, 1824-1871. [from Old Catalog] Cary, Phoebe, 1824-1871 Cary Family (Eleazer Cary, B 1718) [from Old Catalog] Cary Family (John Cary, 1610-1681) [from Old Catalog] Caryl, Harriet Elizabeth, 1834-1918. [from Old Catalog] Casa Grande Ruin. [from Old Catalog] Casas, Bartolomé De Las, 1474-1566 Casasús, Joaquín D. (Joaquín Demetrio), 1858-1916 Casca, Active 18th Century Casco Bay (Me.) Casco Bay (Me.) -- Fiction Caskey, Thomas W Caslon, William, 1692-1766. [from Old Catalog] Cass, Lewis, 1782-1866 Cass, Lewis, 1782-1866. [from Old Catalog] Cass, Lewis, 1782-1886 Cassard, Andres, 1823- [from Old Catalog] Cassava Casserly, Eugene, 1820-1883 Casserole Cooking Cassidy, Hopalong (Fictitious Character) Cassody, John B., 1830-1907. [from Old Catalog] Cast-iron Cast-iron Pipe Castaways Castaways -- Fiction Castello Di Vincigliata (Fiesole, Italy) Castiglione, Baldassarre, Conte, 1478-1529 Castillero, Andrés Castillo De San Marcos (Saint Augustine, Fla.) Castillo De San Marcos, St. Augustine. [from Old Catalog] Castine (Me.) Castine, Me. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Castle, James Howard, 1818?-1878. [from Old Catalog] Castle-gammon (Game) Castles Castles. [from Old Catalog] Castor, George A., 1855-1906 Castor Family (John George Castor, B. 1710) [from Old Catalog] Castration Castration. [from Old Catalog] Castro, Inês De, -1355 Castro, Inês De, D. 1355 Castro, João De, 1500-1548 Casuistry Caswell, Esther Lois Thompson, 1802-1850 Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789 Cat. [from Old Catalog] Catacombs Catacombs. [from Old Catalog] Catalan Ballads And Songs Catalan Ballads And Songs. [from Old Catalog] Catalan Language Catalan Literature Catalan Poetry Cataloging Cataloging In Publication Cataloging Of Archival Materials Cataloging Of Manuscripts Cataloging Of Special Collections In Libraries Catalpa Catalpa (Bark) Catalá, Magin, 1761-1830 Catarrh Catching (Baseball) Catechetics Catechisms Catechisms, Otomí Catenary Caterers And Catering Cates, James, Fl. 1657 Cates Family Catfishes Catharine, Of Aragon, Queen, Consort Of Henry VIII, King Of England, 1485-1536 Catharine Howard, Queen, Consort Of Henry VIII, King Of England, D. 1542 Catharine Parr, Queen, Consort Of Henry VIII, King Of England, 1512-1548 Catharsis Cathedrals Cathedrals. [from Old Catalog] Cathedrals In Literature Catherine, Of Alexandria, Saint Catherine, Of Siena, Saint, 1347-1380 Catherine De Médicis, Queen, Consort Of Henry II, King Of France, 1519-1589 Catherine De Médicis, Queen, Consort Of Henry II, King Of France, 1519-1589 Catherine I, Empress Of Russia, 1684-1727 Catherine II, Empress Of Russia, 1729-1796 Catherwood, Mary Hartwell, 1847-1902 Cathlamet Dialect Cathodes Catholic Authors Catholic Children Catholic Church Catholic Church -- Caricatures And Cartoons Catholic Church -- Clergy Catholic Church -- Doctrines Catholic Church -- Ireland Catholic Church. Diocese Of Buffalo (N.Y.) Catholic Church. Diocese Of Leavenworth (Kan). Diocesan School Board Catholic Church. Diocese Of Michoacán (Mexico) Catholic Church. Diocese Of Münster In Westfalen (Germany) Catholic Church. Plenary Council Of Baltimore 1866) Catholic Church. Pope (1154-1159 : Adrian IV) Catholic Church. Pope (1846-1878 : Pius IX) Catholic Church. Pope (1878-1903 : Leo XIII) Catholic Church. [from Old Catalog] Catholic Church And Humanism Catholic Church And Spiritualism Catholic Church In New England. [from Old Catalog] Catholic Church In Worcester, Mass. [from Old Catalog] Catholic Converts Catholic Emancipation Catholic Literature Catholics Catholics -- Baltimore Catholics -- Ireland Catholics -- Maryland Baltimore Catholics -- Massachusetts Boston Catholics -- Massachusetts Lowell Catholics -- United States Catholics In Literature Catholic University Of America. [from Old Catalog] Cathédrale De Chartres Catiline, Approximately 108 B.C.-62 B.C Catiline, Ca. 108-62 B.C Cato, Marcus Porcius, 95-46 B.C Caton, John Dean, 1812-1895 Cats Cats -- Fiction Cats -- Folklore Cats -- Juvenile Fiction Catskill Creek. [from Old Catalog] Catskill Forest Preserve (N.Y.) Catskill Mountains (N.Y.) Catskill Mountains (N.Y.) -- Description And Travel Catskill Mountains (N.Y.) -- Guidebooks Catskill Mountains (N.Y.) -- Pictorial Works Catskill Mountains -- Description And Travel. [from Old Catalog] Catskill Mountains -- Guidebooks Catskill Mountains Region (N.Y.) -- Literary Collections Cattaraugus County (N.Y) Cattaraugus County (N.Y) -- Biography Cattaraugus County (N.Y) -- History Cattaraugus County (N.Y.) -- Biography Cattaraugus Indian Reservation (N.Y.) Cattell, William C. (William Cassiday), 1827-1898 Cattle Cattle -- Physiology Cattle -- Reproduction Cattle Brands Cattle Brands. [from Old Catalog] Cattle Tick Cattle Trade Catullus, Gaius Valerius Caucus Cauliflower Caulk's Field, Battle Of, Md., 1814 Caus, Salomon De, D. 1626 Causation Cavada, F. F. (Federico Fernandez), 1831-1871 Cavalry Cavalry Drill And Tactics Cavanaugh Family Cave-dwellings Cavell, Edith, 1865-1915 Cavell, Edith Louisa, 1865-1915. [from Old Catalog] Cavendish, Thomas, 1560-1592 Caves Caves. [from Old Catalog] Cavour, Camillo Benso, Conte Di, 1810-1861 Cawein, Madison Julius, 1865-1914. [from Old Catalog] Caxton, William, Ca. 1422-1491 Or 2 Cayuga County (N.Y.) -- Biography Cayuga County (N.Y.) -- History Societies Cayuga County (N.Y.) -- History Sources Cayuga Indians Cayuga Indians -- Missions Cazotte, Jacques, D. 1792. [from Old Catalog] Cbk CCRMMS (Computer System) Cecil Family Cecilie, Crown Princess Of The German Empire And Of Prussia, 1886- Cedar Cedar. [from Old Catalog] Cedar Creek, Battle Of, Va., 1864 Cedar Grove Presbyterian Church, East Earl Township, Pa. [from Old Catalog] Cedar Mountain, Battle Of, Va., 1862 Cedarville, N.J Celebrities Celery Celery. [from Old Catalog] Celestial Globes Celestial Mechanics Celibacy Cellamare Conspiracy, 1718 Cellini, Benvenuto, 1500-1571 Cells Cellulose. [from Old Catalog] Celsius, Olof O. (Olof Olofsson), 1716-1794 Celtic Antiquities Celtic Languages Celtic Languages. [from Old Catalog] Celtic Literature Celts Celts -- History Celts. [from Old Catalog] Cement Cement-Testing. [from Old Catalog] Cemeteries Cemeteries -- Connecticut New Haven Cemeteries -- Connecticut Portland Cemeteries -- History Cemeteries -- Massachusetts Boston Cemeteries -- Massachusetts Boston History Cemeteries -- Massachusetts Duxbury Cemeteries -- Massachusetts East Attleborough Cemeteries -- Massachusetts Milton Cemeteries -- Massachusetts Palmer Cemeteries -- Massachusetts Plymouth Cemeteries -- Massachusetts Salem Cemeteries -- Massachusetts Worcester Cemeteries -- New Jersey Hunterdon County Cemeteries -- New Jersey Morris County Cemeteries -- New Jersey Pennsauken Cemeteries -- New York (State) Spencer Cemeteries -- New York (State) Syracuse Cemeteries -- Rhode Island Newport Cenci, Beatrice, 1577-1599 Census Cent Centennial And Memorial Association Of Valley Forge. [from Old Catalog] Centennial Celebrations Centennial Exhibition (1876 : Philadelphia, Pa.) Centennial Exhibition (1876 : Philadelphia, Pa.) -- Guidebooks Center Congregational Church (Meriden, Conn.) Centerdale, R.I. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Centerville (Mass.) -- History Centos Central America -- Description And Travel Central Branch Union Pacific Railroad Company. Central Falls Region (R.I.) -- Biography Central Falls Region (R.I.) -- History Central Jewish Institute, New York Central Jewish Institute, New York. [from Old Catalog] Central Pacific Railroad. [from Old Catalog] Central Pacific Railroad Company Central Park (New York, N.Y.) Central Railroad Of New Jersey Centre College (Danville, Ky.) Centre Street Congregational Church (Machias, Me.) Centrifugation Cephalopoda. [from Old Catalog] Ceramic Industries Ceramic Materials Cercle (Game) [from Old Catalog] Cerda, Fernando Correia De La, 1628-1685 Cereals Cereals, Prepared Cereals. [from Old Catalog] Cereals As Food Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel De, 1547-1616 Cervatnes Saavedra, Miguel De, 1547-1616. [from Old Catalog] Cesnola, Luigi Palma Di, 1832-1904 Cetina, Gutierre De, 1518?-1554? -- Criticism And Interpretation Cezanne, Paul, 1839-1906 Chabot, Peter, 1767-1853 Chabot Family Chace, George Ide, 1808-1885 Chaffee, Adna Romanza, 1842-1914 Chaffee Family (Thomas Chaffe, D 1683?) [from Old Catalog] Chafing Dish Cookery Chafing Dish Cooking Chafing Dishes Chagatai Language Chains Chairs. [from Old Catalog] Chalchihuitl Chalk-talks Chalk-talks. [from Old Catalog] Chalk. [from Old Catalog] Challenger Expedition (1872-1876) Chalmers, Thomas, 1780-1847 Chalmers, Thomas, 1780-1847. [from Old Catalog] Chaloner, John Armstrong, 1862-1935 Chamberlain, Daniel Henry, 1835-1907 Chamberlain, Joseph, 1836-1914 Chamberlain Family (Henry Chamberlain. 1596?-1674.) [from Old Catalog] Chamberlain Family (Richard Chamberline, D 1673) [from Old Catalog] Chambers, George, 1786-1866. [from Old Catalog] Chambers, John, 1780-1852 Chambers, John, 1797-1875 Chambers, Robert, 1802-1871 Chambers Family Chamonix. [from Old Catalog] Chamorro, Emiliano, B. 1871 Champagne (Wine) Champe, John, 1752-1798. [from Old Catalog] Champernowne, Francis, 1614-1687 Championnet, Jean-Etienne, 1762-1800 Champlain, Lake Champlain, Lake -- Description And Travel Champlain, Lake -- Guidebooks Champlain, Lake -- History Champlain, Lake. [from Old Catalog] Champlain, Samuel De, 1567-1635 Champlain, Samuel De, 1567-1635. [from Old Catalog] Champlain, Samuel De, 1574-1635 Champlain Tercentenary Celebrations Champlain Tercentenary Celebrations. [from Old Catalog] Champlain Valley Champlain Valley -- Antiquities. [from Old Catalog] Champlain Valley -- Guidebooks Champlain Valley -- History Champlin, J. T. (James Tift), 1811-1882 Champollion, Jean-François, 1790-1832 Chancellorsville, Battle Of, Chancellorsville, Va., 1863 Chandler, Abiel, 1777-1851. [from Old Catalog] Chandler, John, 1721-1800 Chandler, William, D. 1641 Chandler, Zachariah, 1813-1879 Chandler, Zachariah, 1813-1879. [from Old Catalog] Chandler Family Chandler Family (William Chandler, 1595-1641) [from Old Catalog] Change Change Ringing Changers (Game) [from Old Catalog] Channeling (Spiritualism) Channing, William Ellery, 1780-1842 Chansons De Geste Chapelain, Jean, 1595-1674 Chapin, Aaron Lucius, 1817-1892 Chapin, Elizabeth P Chapin, Ethan Samuel, 1814-1889. [from Old Catalog] Chapline Family Chapman, Bird Beers, 1821-1871. [from Old Catalog] Chapman, George, 1559?-1634 Chapman, J. Wilbur (John Wilbur), 1859-1918 Chapman, Nathan, Jewish Trader. [from Old Catalog] Chapman Family Chappaqua, N.Y. Greeley Monument. [from Old Catalog] Chappell, Edward, 1792-1861 Chappell, Marshall Fonerden, 1845-1854. [from Old Catalog] Character Characters And Characteristics Characters And Characteristics In Literature. [from Old Catalog] Character Sketches Charades Charades. [from Old Catalog] Charcoal Charisma (Personality Trait) Charitable Uses, Trusts, And Foundations Charities Charities -- Illinois -- Chicago Charities -- New York (State) New York Charity Charity-schools Charity Organization Charlemagne, Emperor, 742-814 Charlemont (Mass.) -- History Charles, Duke Of Burgundy, 1433-1477 Charles Edward, Prince, Grandson Of James II, King Of England, 1720-1788 Charles I, King Of England, 1600-1649 Charles II, King Of England, 1630-1685 Charles II, King Of Spain, 1661-1700 Charles III, King Of Spain, 1716-1788 Charles IV, King Of France, 1322-1328 Charleston (S.C.) Charleston (S.C.) -- Guidebooks Charleston (S.C.). St. Philips Church Charleston, S.C Charleston, S. C. South Carolina Interstate And West Indian Exposition, 1901-1902 Charleston Earthquake, S.C., 1886 Charleston Mercury. [from Old Catalog] Charlestown (Boston, Mass.) Charlestown (Boston, Mass.) -- Biography Charlestown (Boston, Mass.) -- Description And Travel Charlestown (Boston, Mass.) -- History Charlestown (Boston, Mass.) -- History Civil War, 1861-1865 Charlestown (Boston, Mass.) -- History Colonial Period Charlestown (Mass. : Town) -- History Charlestown (N.H.) Charlestown (R.I. : Town) -- History Charlestown, Mass. Public Schools. [from Old Catalog] Charlestown, Mass. Soldiers' And Sailors' Monument. [from Old Catalog] Charlestown, Mass. Warren Statue Charlestown, N.H. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, 1500-1558 Charles XII, King Of Sweden, 1682-1718 Charles XIV John, King Of Sweden And Norway, 1763-1844 Charlottesville (Va.) Lewis-Clark Statue Charlton (Mass.) -- Cemeteries Charlton (Mass.) -- History Charlton (Mass. : Town) -- History Charlton (Mass._ -- History Charlton, Dimmock, B. Ca. 1801 Charlton, Mass. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Charlton, Mass. -- History Societies. [from Old Catalog] Charms Charterhouse School (Smithfield, London, England) Charter Oak (Hartford, Conn.) Charter Oak Hall, Hartford. [from Old Catalog] Charters Charters. [from Old Catalog] Chartism Chartism. [from Old Catalog] Chasdai Ben Abraham Crescas, 1340-1410 Chase, George Colby, 1844-1919 Chase, Harry Woodburn, 1883-1955 Chase, Ira J., 1834-1895 Chase, Mary M., 1822-1852 Chase, Moses, 1797-1878 Chase, Philander, 1775-1852 Chase, Philander, Bp., 1775-1852. [from Old Catalog] Chase, Salmon P. (Salmon Portland), 1808-1873 Chase, Salmon Portland, 1808-1873. [from Old Catalog] Chase, Warren, 1813-1891 Chase Family Chastellux, François Jean, Marquis De, 1734-1788 Chateau-Thierry, Battle Of, Chateau-Thierry, France, 1918 Chateaubriand, François-René, Vicomte De, 1768-1848 Chateaugay Region Chatham (Conn. : Town) -- History Chatham (Mass.) Chatham (Mass.) -- Genealogy Chatham, Mass Chatham, Mass. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Chatham, N.J. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Chatham, N.J. Ogden Memorial Presbyterian Church Chattanooga (Tenn.) -- Pictorial Works Chattanooga, Battle Of, Chattanooga, Tenn., 1863 Chattanooga Railroad Expedition, 1862 Chattanooga Railroad Expedition, 1862. [from Old Catalog] Chatterton, Thomas, 1752-1770 Chaucer, Geoffrey, -1400 Chaucer, Geoffrey, D. 1400 Chautauqua Co., N.Y. -- History Societies. [from Old Catalog] Chautauqua County (N.Y) -- History Chautauqua County (N.Y.) Chautauqua County (N.Y.) -- Biography Chautauqua County (N.Y.) -- Commerce Chautauqua County (N.Y.) -- History Chautauqua Institution Chautauqua Literary And Scientific Circle Chautauqua Literary And Scientific Circle. [from Old Catalog] Chautauquas Chayote Checker Pool Checkers Cheddar Cheese Cheerfulness Cheese Cheese Factories Cheesemaking Cheetham, James, 1772-1810 Cheever, Ezekiel, 1615-1708 Cheever, George Barrell, 1807-1890 Cheever, Nathaniel, 1816-1844 Chelmsford (Mass.) Chelmsford (Mass. : Town) -- History Chelmsford, Mass -- History. [from Old Catalog] Chelmsford, Mass. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Chelsea (Mass.) -- Fire, 1908 Chelsea (Mass.) -- History Chelsea (Mass.) -- History Civil War, 1861-1865 Chelsea Creek, Battle Of, Mass., 1775 Chelsea Jewish War Relief Committee (Chelsea, Mass.) Chemical Agents (Munitions) Chemical Engineering Chemical Industry Chemical Industry -- France Chemical Warfare Chemidlin, August N. (August Nicholas), 1825-1901 Chemistry Chemistry, Analytic Chemistry, Analytic -- Qualitative Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical And Theoretical Chemistry, Technical Chemistry, Vegetable Chemistry -- Experiments -- Juvenile Literature Chemistry -- Juvenile Literature Chemistry -- Laboratory Manuals Chemistry -- Problems, Exercises, Etc Chemistry Teachers Chemistry Teachers -- Fiction Chemists Chemists -- Fiction Chenango (Gunboat) [from Old Catalog] Chenevière, Jean Jacques Caton Cheney, Ednah Dow Littlehale, 1824-1904 Cheney, Margaret Swan, 1855-1882 Cheney, Martin, 1792-1852 Cheney, Oren Burbank, 1816-1903 Chenoweth, James, B. 1777 Chenoweth Family (John Chenoweth, D. 1746) Cheraw Indians Cherokee Indians Cherokee Indians -- Claims Cherokee Indians -- Folklore Cherokee Indians -- Genealogy Cherokee Indians -- Government Relations Cherokee Indians -- History Cherokee Indians -- Legal Status, Laws, Etc Cherokee Indians -- Missions Cherokee Indians -- Treaties. [from Old Catalog] Cherokee Language Cherokee Nation Cherry Cherry. [from Old Catalog] Cherryfield (Me.) Chesapeake-Leopard Affair, 1807 Chesapeake-Leopard Affair, 1807. [from Old Catalog] Chesapeake And Ohio Canal (Md. And Washington, D.C.) Chesapeake And Ohio Canal Company Cheshire (Mass.) -- History Cheshire, Conn. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Chesney, Pharaoh Jackson, 1781?- Chesney Family Chess Chest Chester (Cruiser) [from Old Catalog] Chester, Charles Anderson, D. 1849. [from Old Catalog] Chester, John, 1785-1829 Chester, N.H Chester, N.H. -- Genealogy. [from Old Catalog] Chester, N.H. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Chester, Pa. Washington House. [from Old Catalog] Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl Of, 1694-1773 Chesterton, G. K. (Gilbert Keith), 1874-1936 Chesterville, Me. -- History. [from Old Catalog] Chestnut Chestnut-blight. [from Old Catalog] Chestnut. [from Old Catalog] Chestnut Blight Chestnut Hill, Battle Of, Philadelphia, Pa., 1777 Chests Chest Weights Chest Weights. [from Old Catalog] Chetham's Library Chevalier, Michel, 1806-1879 Cheverus, Jean-Louis-Anne-Madeleine Lefebvre De, 1768-1836 Cheves, Langdon, 1776-1857 Cheviot Sheep Chevreuse, Marie De Rohan, Duchesse De, 1600-1679 Chevy Chase, Md Chevy Chase. [from Old Catalog] Cheyenne Indians Cheyenne Indians -- Wars. [from Old Catalog] Chhatar Sal, Raja Of Bundelkhand, Ca. 1649-ca. 1735. [from Old Catalog] Chiabrera, Gabriello, 1552-1638 Chiara, Of Montefalco, Saint, D 1308. [from Old Catalog] Chibcha Indians Chicago (Ill.) -- History Chicago (Ill.) -- History To 1875 Chicago (Ill.) -- Social Conditions Chicago (Ill.). Board Of Education Chicago (Ill.) Confederate Monument. [from Old Catalog] Chicago (Ill.) Douglas Monument Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis And Omaha Railway Company Chicago, University Chicago. City Forester. [from Old Catalog] Chicago. Cook County Jail Chicago. Douglas Monument. [from Old Catalog] Chicago. Inter-state Industrial Exposition, 1873 Chicago. Inter-state Industrial Exposition, 1883. [from Old Catalog] Chicago. Logan Monument Chicago. University Chicago. University. [from Old Catalog] Chicago And North Western Railway Company Chicago Orphan Asylum. [from Old Catalog] Chicago Public Library Chicago Teachers' Federation. [from Old Catalog] Chicago Training School For Missions. [from Old Catalog] Chickamauga, Battle Of, Ga., 1863 Chickamauga And Chattanooga National Military Park (Ga. And Tenn.) Chickasaw Indians Chicken Cholera Chickering, Hannah B., 1817-1879 Chickering, Jonas, 1797-1853 Chickering Family (Henry Chickering, B. 1589) [from Old Catalog] Chicks Chicopee (Mass.) -- History Child, Lydia Maria, 1802-1880 Child Authors Childbirth Child Care Child Development Childe, John, 1802-1858 Child Labor Child Marriage Child Psychology Child Rearing Children Children's Books Children's Costumes Children's Crusade, 1212 Children's Crusade, 1212 -- Fiction Children's Crusade, 1212. [from Old Catalog] Children's Drawings Children's Dreams Children's Friend Society, London. [from Old Catalog] Children's Literature Children's Literature, American Children's Literature, English Children's Literature, French Children's Literature, German Children's Literature, German -- North America Children's Literature, Russian Children's Literature -- Bibliography Children's Literature. [from Old Catalog] Children's Plays Children's Plays, American Children's Plays, English Children's Plays. [from Old Catalog] Children's Poetry Children's Poetry, American Children's Poetry, English Children's Poetry, English. [from Old Catalog] Children's Poetry. [from Old Catalog] Children's Sermons Children's Songs Children's Songs, English Children's Songs, French. [from Old Catalog] Children's Stories Children's Stories, American Children's Stories, Danish Children's Stories, Danish -- Translations Into English Children's Stories, English Children's Stories, French Children's Stories, French -- Translations Into English Children's Stories, German Children's Stories -- Bibliography Children's Writings Children's Writings, American Children -- Africa Children -- Alaska Children -- Armenia Children -- Australia Children -- Belgium Children -- Books And Reading Children -- Books And Reading -- New York (State) Children -- Books And Reading -- United States Children -- Canada Children -- Conduct Of Life -- Juvenile Fiction Children -- Denmark Children -- Economic Conditions Children -- Egypt Children -- England Children -- Finland Children -- France Children -- Government Policy Children -- Hungary Children -- India Children -- Korea Children -- Norway Children -- Nutrition Children -- South Africa -- Transvaal Children -- Sri Lanka Children -- Sweden Children -- Switzerland Children -- Turkey Children -- United States Children -- Wales Children -- Yugoslavia Children And The Environment Children In Art Children In Literature Children In Literature And Art. [from Old Catalog] Children In The Bible Children Of Clergy Children Of Physicians Children Of Presidents Children Of Prisoners Children Of The Rich Children Of The Rich -- Fiction Childrens Crusade, 1212 -- Fiction Children Sermons Children With Disabilities Children With Mental Disabilities Childs, George William, 1829-1894 Child Study Child Study. [from Old Catalog] Child Welfare Child Witnesses Chile Chile -- Foreign Relations United States Chile -- History War Of Independence, 1810-1824 Chilean Poetry Chile Saltpeter Chilton, William Parish, 1810-1871. [from Old Catalog] Chimay Jeanne Marie Ignace Therése (de Caburrus) Princess De, 1773-1835 Chimes Chimneys -- New York (State) Niagara Falls Chimney Sweeps China -- Fiction China -- Foreign Relations United States China Aster China Clipper (Airplane) China Relief Expedition, 1900-1901 Chinch-bugs Chinese